This special has expired…😭

Lockdown those CRAZY MUNCHIES 👀🤪🙈 with our crazy lockdown SPECIAL!🥳😎🤩 We’re delivering nationwide during lockdown (too!)

Buy any 2 flavours of LeanPlex and get a FAT-LESS Valued at R455 for FREE!!! AND a free delivery!😮😱😁

Our very low-kilojoule Leanplex (DELICIOUS in water😋) will sustain you for hours!🤐⏰
And Fat-Less equals LESS-Fat, keeping you slimmer💃 making you feel fuller 🤐 and craving less junk!🤩💋

One of my favourite afternoon snacks😁😎💪🤪 Rich and creamy “Chocolate Pudding” (aka LEANPLEX Chocolate!!!!😋😋😋)
Recipe: one serving of LeanPlex in water!!
Optional: Add your favourite nuts (which in my case, includes all)
Preparation time? 9 seconds.
Eat time? 👀 7 seconds???🙊🤪😋🤣

Check out our suggested meal plans if you prefer structure:

Place your order online and type in “Free Fatless” under comments and I will make sure you get a free Fatless! (Cos I’m the one packing)
Remember: We deliver nationwide! 🎁 🚚
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