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CUT prices to CUT FAT!

NOW is the time! Winter is the time to start working on your beach body. August/September is too late…

We’re can help you! Get these great specials and follow one of our suggested meal plans to lose body fat.
1) Meal Plan (LeanPlex, Whey Power and Fat-Less)
2) Meal Plan (Whey Power and LeanPlex)
3) Meal Plan (Whey Power only)
4) Meal Plan (LeanPlex and Fat-Less)
5) Meal Plan (LeanPlex OR Whey Power with Intermittent Fasting)

What is the difference between LeanPlex and Whey Power?

Other info on losing fat:
9 Simple things to do to get into great shape!
Why is my weight stuck?
Ain’t that the truth!

More info on the formulas:
Whey Power

To order, go to: https://paceandpower.co.za/
EFT or Cash (no cards)
(Chocolate flavour excluded)
While stocks last 🙂

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