Feeling “creaky”? …Pace & Power’s Collagen Peptides! 🧐😊🥰

Why Collagen Peptides? 🧐😊🥰
• Improved tendon and joint health, reduced joint pain. 🥳🙌
• Improved healing – both acute and chronic injuries. Wound healing.🤜🤛
• Reduced inflammation in the body.🥴 Improved gut health.😊
• Better skin, hair and nails.💅💃💋

Why Pace & Power Collagen Peptides?
Ours is 100% PURE! Nothing added: NO preservatives, colourants, flavours and additives. 👏🤩
Digests easily. Bioavailable to the body. Neutral taste. Mixes easily.
Heat stable: Add to hot or cold drinks/food. 🍵🍝🍛

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