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Tag: Raw Honey

M.A.T.H.S Treat

Wonderfully BLISS! Smooth… creamy… Ridiculously good! 2 large Avos Dessert spoon peanut butter (sugar-free) Dessert spoon RAW HONEY Raw cacao Himalayan Salt to taste Water Blend until creamy mousse! Note: You can add banana too , or you can use banana instead of peanut butter. You can also leave out the cacao.    

Megan’s Honey Peanut-Butter Snack

My MOST favourite treat of the day! ??????? Crunchy peanut butter (sugarfree) RAW HONEY (we stock raw honey?) Sunflower seeds Sesame seeds (or flaxseeds) Grated raw cacao (Eat straight out the jar?) ???