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Comrades Marathon

Running the Comrades – What, When and How Much. (Also for Extreme Ultras – 100 Miler/160km UltraWashie, Washie 100 Miler, Marathon Des Sables). You need the following formulas: EnduraShake GT Gel and decanting bottles x 3 Joobies or Jooblets Souties EnduraPower (Optional, but a wonderful refreshing alternative to GT Gel. eg. 1st 10km, and for […]

Two Oceans Ultra Marathon

Two Oceans – Ultra – 56km If you are doing the 21km, then click here Summary: Nutrition/Carboloader: 3 days before: 1 scoop EnduraShake in 200mls water at 10h00, 15h00 and before bed. (Continue eating your normal meals) Breakfast Before: 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml water, 45 minutes before the start. Then…. GT GEL and/or EnduraPower: […]