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PaceLyte: Flavourless ELECTROLYTE formula (minuscule carb)


  • A low-taste ELECTROLYTE formula.
  • Contain significant amounts of MAGNESIUM BIS GLYCINATE.
  • Minuscule amount of carb.
  • Contains D-Ribose for explosive energy and power.
  • No added flavours, colourants, preservatives. PURE electrolyte mix.

Use PaceLyte as follows:

  • If you tend to cramp (despite having pre-hydrated with EnduraPower or GT Gel with water), then simply add half to one teaspoon of PaceLyte to your water-bottles and sip throughout the day, whilst waiting for your heat/final.
  • If you’re feeling dehydrated or very tired at the end of the day, drink another teaspoon before you go to sleep that night.
  • If you prefer to train on just electrolytes, PaceLyte has only a minuscule amount of carbohydrate, then use PaceLyte instead of EnduraPower. One teaspoon of PaceLyte per 750ml/1 litre.

Q: Why powder and not tablets/fizzies?
A: PaceLyte is a pure powder, so it contains no bulking agents, fillers, or diluents which are required to make the powder into a tablet! We wish to keep our formulas as pure as possible and free of additives.
A bonus with the powder, is that you can adjust your dose up or down. Many folk get 30-40 servings out of a 200g container (instead of the 20 servings)
No colourants. No added flavours in PaceLyte.

Q: Can I put PaceLyte into my EnduraPower or is it too much? In other words, should I use one or the other but not both together?
A: If you’re a chronic cramper, or if you’re quite a heavy athlete (>100kg), then you can add half a teaspoon to your EnduraPower.
If you’re not a bad cramper, (or if you’re not heavy), then this may be too much…. However, you could use a little less of the EnduraPower (if you felt that you needed a little less carbohydrate for that session or event) and then top up your electrolytes (only) with half a teaspoon of PaceLyte. (Usually, you would add one teaspoon of PaceLyte to 750ml to 1 litre of water).
In addition, PaceLyte is a wonderful electrolyte supplement to drink the night before an event! (Or sip over the day(s) before). The Green Tea that PaceLyte contains is caffeine-free, so it won’t keep you awake if you have it last thing at night before an event. The Green Tea is for immune support! No added flavour. No colourants. No additives. No preservatives. Pure. Contains Kalahari Salt, and the VERY important athlete’s friend: magnesium bis glycinate = no gut issues from this form of magnesium, and highly absorbed by the muscles.

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