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1st Time Visitor?

Visiting us for the first time?

If you’re coming for a first-time consultation, or if you have lots of questions, please could you arrive at least ~60 minutes before we close (not 5 minutes before). Depending on your sport/weight-loss plan and how many questions you may have, our discussion and assistance could take up to an hour… Thanks!

Hours: Mon – Friday: 09h00 – 16h30
Saturday: 09h15 – 12h00
Sunday and Holidays – Closed

Note too, that we are a retail outlet, so other customers may be collecting goods, please allow them to “jump the queue” ahead of you (on your first visit only). Thereafter on all your subsequent visits, you’ll get to “jump the queue” ahead of newbies.

If you’re unable to make it to us during our normal trading hours, simply send me an email or whatsapp and we can make a time outside of these hours – We’re more than happy to do so!
PS: We DON’T charge for our consultations.

Note also, that if you can’t come in to see us, we offer a delivery service!  Simply order online. Read more on placing your order online.

Important! COME TO THE SOURCE (or do a search on your sport/event and read the correct information on what/how to use for your particular sport):

If you’re ordering on-line for the first time, please don’t rely on your friends (or your sports coach) to tell you what to order, athey might have it wrong and leave out a crucial item for your best (safe) performance! This not intended to disrespect anyone – Coaches coach sport – They are experts in what they do! WE coach SPORTS NUTRITION – We have decades of experience and expertise in what we do! We know our formulas (and how they perform together) better than anyone else in the world. So come to the source – Our information is undiluted by anecdotal guesswork. We have helped literally thousands of athletes over the years. We offer SAFE, healthy sports supplements for your best athletic performance.

To find out what to use and when, type in your sport in the “search” and read what you need to take and when… ALL the info that you need on which supplements to get and how to use them for your particular sport is right here on the website! All our customers countrywide (and beyond our borders) rely on the info here on the website.

If we have left out your sport, simply send us an email and we will add a new post with the supplement instructions for your particular sport:
Email: megan@paceandpower.co.za

Address for PACE & POWER – BEST of Sports Supplements

Map: Click here

Address: Inside “FightFit Militia”
Sunninghill Village Shopping Centre,
3 Edison Crescent (Opposite MegaWatt Park)
Sunninghill, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Park in the basement. Walk through the centre’s main entrance in the basement, turn right, last door on left, opposite the Post Office. (Walk through vegan bakery and coffee shop).

Landline: 011 234 7049
Cell: 083 638 0277 (Calls & Whatsapp)
Email: megan@paceandpower.co.za

Hours: Mon – Friday: 09h00 – 16h30
Saturday: 09h15 – 12h00
Sunday and Holidays – Closed

Remember if you’re coming for a first-time consultation, to arrive at least ~60 minutes before we close (not 5 minutes before closing). Thanks!