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EnduraPower – How much do I use?

A Premium Energy and Electrolyte Sports Drink

EnduraPower – How much do I use? Endurance sports: Swim, Cycle, Run

Suggested dosage and intake according to bodyweight.

Please note however: Personal preference, type and intensity of your sport, training history, gender, age, medical history, ambient temperature all affect hydration rate. Please discuss you hydration strategy with your medical doctor.

50kgs = 1 scoop in 500ml water. Drink ~400-500ml per hour
75kg = 1.5 scoops in 750ml water per hour. Drink ~600-750ml per hour
100kg = 2 scoops in 1 litre water. Drink ~800-1000ml per hour

Remember to get EnduraShake too! Race Partners: EnduraPower + EnduraShake.

Racing Tip: To cancel “taste fatigue”, swap from EnduraPower for GT Gel. When you decant GT Gel into our Pace & Power little pocket-sized gel bottle, there is enough fuel and electrolytes for ~ 3 hours of high heart rate racing or training WITH WATER ONLY.  You can also choose our EnduraPower low flavour or flavour-less options – Read more here

For Enduro Riders ONLY (Motorbikes/Roof of Africa)
Bodyweight x 10ml or 11ml /hr. (Although, this may vary according to personal preference).
For example, if you weigh 90kgs, then you should drink 900ml -1 litre per hour. Your 3 litre hydration pack should last you ~3.5 hours. Read more here