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Trail Running: 100 miler

Trail Running: 100 miler!

What you need for the Event!
GT Gel
Pocket bottle

What you need for Daily Recovery in preparation for the event:
Whey Power

Nutrition/Carboloader: 3-5 days before:

1 scoop EnduraShake in 200mls water (size of a tea cup)

  • 10h00
  • 15h00
  • Before bed

(Continue eating your normal meals during your loading phase)

Divide the entire event into 3 or 3.5 hour segments: For each segment, choose to fuel with either EnduraPower OR GT Gel (both formulas will give stable GI energy + Electrolytes).
In addition, drink 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml water at the start AND punctuate EACH and every (3 to 3.5 hour) segment with 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml water, like so:

Breakfast Before the start: 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml water, 45 minutes before the start.

Hours 1 – 3:

Mix EnduraPower into your hydration pack. Follow the instructions on the back of the label, ie use the correct number of scoops according to the size of your hydration pack – don’t water it down.
Hydrate sufficiently! Recommended: 8ml-10mls/kg bodyweight/hr – this may vary widely. Note: 8mls if cool and rainy, 10mls if very hot and/or windy. For example if you weigh 75kgs, drink 600mls to 750mls per hour, depending on ambient temperature (and personal preference). Choose your EnduraPower flavour wisely.. Read here

At 3 to 3.5 hours: Drink 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml water

3 – 6 hours:

Fill the little pocket bottle with GT Gel right up to the lid. Sip on GT Gel over the next 3 hours: Take your time – with small sips intermittently. Continue to drink water throughout: Continue hydrating according to bodyweight. 8ml-10mls/kg bodyweight/hr, although this may vary widely.

If you’re a heavier, more muscular athlete (>90kgs), include Pacelyte to your water. It will taste slightly salty (deliciously refreshing!) because one of its ingredients is Kalahari Salt. How to use PaceLyte

At 6 to 6.5 hours: Drink 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml water.

Next 3 to 3.5 hour segment: Swap back to EnduraPower.

Continue like so…Each 3 to 3.5 hour segment, swap between EnduraPower and GT Gel (with optional Pacelyteif >90kgs)

Souties: Eat Souties ANYTIME when you feel for something savoury and salty, when you’re tired of all the sweet stuff. Nice when you feel for real food in your tummy! Souties are very popular for their savoury, salty taste in amongst the sweet. Souties are also great for sorting out cramping.

Joobies: Use sparingly as these are high GI! Eat one Joobie only at a time.
1) For sulking
2) Before long climbs – eat ~4 minutes before
3) For focus in the second half
4) 30 minutes from the end

DAILY Training:
1) During: EnduraPower
2) Afterwards for Recovery: Whey Power = One scoop is all you need for recovery: One scoop of Whey Power
will give you 28g Protein, including Glutamine (6000mgs per scoop) and high BCAA’s (7500mg per scoop).
How to use Whey Power:

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