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Pace & Power… Stood the test of time…

Pace & Power… Stood the test of time…

Many folk don’t realise that Pace & Power has been around since 2002 – I took it over in 2002, when it was already 4 years old back then.
Originally, we used to stock all the major supplement name-brands imported from the USA, as well as some locally-manufactured products.
In those first 2 or 3 years, our main focus was to help people lose weight (fat), get fitter and stronger – I think I wrote literally hundreds of meal plans and training programmes.
In fact, many customers STILL follow those suggested meal plans that include LeanPlex today…Mostly because they are EASY to do and practical for a busy lifestyle (and the principles of eating right don’t change)
Even from its inception, Pace & Power has ALWAYS stocked products for sport and endurance, but we also started manufacturing our supplements locally.
Most of our ingredients are imported, but we blend locally – In this way we are able to keep our prices very affordable, but our quality exceptional!
Our attention to detail in the development of each formula, as well as our conscientiousness with each and every production sets us apart: Our focus has always been quality and safety: Health first!
We pride ourselves in having a “clean label” as well as producing outstanding athletic results safely.
Despite not ever marketing ourselves through traditional channels, Pace & Power has continued to grow steadily and consistently since 2002
– For this, we are very grateful – firstly to God, but also to our loyal customers who refer their friends, training partners and family to us.
We have become a trusted name amongst both top athletes and ordinary folk who wish to improve, feel better, but do so with with safe, clean supplements.
Thank-you for supporting us! Thank-you for helping us grow!
“Under promise. Over deliver” -Jim Rohn