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FAQ: Can I use ONLY Joobies / Jooblets for a long event?(Such as Comrades/Enduro riding/Argus/MTB/Trail etc)

FAQ: Q: Can I use ONLY Joobies/Jooblets for a long event? (Such as Enduro riding/Comrades/Epic/MTB/Trail etc) A: No – you shouldn’t use Joobies on their own for an event longer than 20-30 minutes. Joobies/Jooblets are high Gi, and if used …

FAQ: I only want to buy EnduraShake for my event – Is this ok?

FAQ: I want to buy ONLY EnduraShake for my event – Is this ok?


No – Not if you want YOUR best athletic performance! Using EnduraShake without EnduraPower or GT Gel is like running with one shoe off, or forgetting to fill up your car with petrol before going on a long trip.
EnduraShake  + EnduraPower or GT Gel are designed to work together!
EnduraShake is food ONLY. It is designed to provide a liquid, easy-to-digest meal, replacing SOLID FOOD only. It will not prevent cramping or dehydration. Its combination of macro-nutrients make it a sustaining meal, whilst having to perform with a high heart-rate. It eliminates the need to eat before you compete, and you won’t need to worry about getting meals/energy bars etc during super-long events.
BUT, despite being such a wonderful, delicious formula, EnduraShake cannot be used on its own if you want MAXIMAL performance! You need to use EnduraPower and/or GT Gel WITH the EnduraShake to get those athletic results that you require.

EnduraPower and GT Gel bring a whole bunch of vital PERFORMANCE nutrients (ones that are safe and healthy) to the table. Very high electrolytes including magnesium bis-glycinate, lactate buffers, 4 different speeds of performance carbs, Kalahari salt etc etc.

EnduraShake + EnduraPower and/or GT Gel = Your OPTIMAL athletic performance!

To find out how to use them correctly, click on “YOUR Sport” on the menu, and select from the drop-down list.



FAQ: Can you explain how to load with EnduraShake?

FAQ: Can you explain how to load with EnduraShake?

Nutrition-loading before an event: ENDURASHAKE

Starting 3 to 5 days before (Usually 3 days before should suffice, however nutrition-load for 5 days before the event if the event is very extreme for you)

Nutrition-load as follows:

1 x scoop in 200mls water at 10h00
1 x scoop in 200mls water at 15h00
1 x scoop in 200mls water before bedtime

In other words, 3 scoops in divided doses spread over the day for 3-5 days. We recommend the 3 scoops in divided doses, in-between your main meals (hence 10h00, 15h00 and before bedtime) so that you are able to keep eating your normal food/meals – In this way, there are no changes to your body’s digestive routine. So 3 scoops, 3 times per day at 10h00, 15h00 and before bed. Do this for 3-5 days before your event.

You can also drink a 750ml water bottle of EnduraPower over the day for the 3 days before to load your body with electrolytes, including magnesium bis-glycinate, Kalahari salt and others, as well as extra carbohydrates.

In addition/ alternatively, if you know that the event is going to be extreme, you can use PaceLyte a few days before to top up your electrolytes to obliterate any risk of cramping.


FAQ: How to use the GT Gel and the decanting bottle – MTB, road cycling, trail or road running

FAQ: How to use the GT Gel and the decanting bottle – MTB or road cycling, trail or road running If you’re an Enduro Rider (Roof of Africa/ Romanics /Impi etc), go here for instructions. Each GT Gel contains 300ml …

Obstacle Course Races (Spartan/Warrior/Tough Mudder)

Summary of how to use the formulas: Nutrition/Carboloader: 3 days before: 1 scoop EnduraShake in 200mls water at 10h00, 15h00 and before bed. (Continue eating your normal meals) Breakfast Before: 2 scoops EnduraShake in 400ml water, 45 minutes before the …