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EnduraShake for the whole family! Yummy ice-cream!

Most folk don’t realise that a scoop of EnduraShake is far cheaper than a PACKET OF CHIPS!
So this is what you can do to treat the entire family:
1. Give to your kiddies who struggle with concentration: One scoop in water, or blended with their favourite fruits or (sugar-free) peanut butter or added to oats/muesli. This will keep their blood sugar stable for hours. EnduraShake is safe for children – it has no artificial colourants etc. Plus it has MCT oil (found in coconuts) which is super-fuel for the brain!
2. Teenagers who are eating you out of house and home – Add it to oats/ muesli. It’s DELICIOUS in water, and is designed to go in water, but you can also blend it in milk for extra nutrition and extra calories for your growing teenagers!
3. Elderly Parent/Grandparent? EnduraShake provides immense nutritional support – especially for those who are living on their own and dislike cooking. One scoop in water; or added/stirred into their breakfast oats or blended with their favourite fruits. Wonderful for brain health and for providing them with sustaining energy.
4. Anyone in the family who is underweight or recovering from illness. Two or more scoops daily with water (or milk/almond milk).
5. Anyone in the family who is feeling run down then one scoop in water or blended with seasonal fruit.
6. Take a serving or half a serving (1-2 Scoops) of EnduraShake for recovery after you have trained, especially if you’ve had a high heart-rate session. Great for sore muscles. And particularly good if you’re feeling slightly over-trained/run-down.
7. Make ICE-CREAM for the entire family! HEALTHIER. (and cost-effective).Blend in water, and/or add any of their favourite goodies: bananas, berries, pineapple, peanut butter, cocoa powder, coffee and cocoa etc. Put in the deep freeze for ~an hour. Then ENJOY with your entire family!

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What is the difference between EnduraShake, LeanPlex and Whey Power?

MCT Oil – A brief

MCT oil is a must if you’re on a low carb or ketogenic diet to lose weight, but are feeling flat as a result!
MCTs will give you energy to train without putting on weight. AND will help you feel fuller!
In addition, MCT oil has a number of bonuses:
1. Better brain and memory function especially in the elderly and kids
2. Feeling of fullness especially on low carb diets
3. Lowered “bad” cholesterol
4. Better blood sugar levels for type 2 Diabetics
5. Supports heart health
6. Supports digestion and nutrient absorption
7. Has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties

Pea Power – Power from Pea Protein!

Our Pea Protein Isolate is:
Organic ☘️
Naturally vegan 
Mixes easily in both hot and cold liquids 
Is allergen-free 
Low in fat; contains no cholesterol 
Contains no additives, flavours or colourants 
Just PURE protein!
1 scoop (1 serving) provides 18g of pure pea protein isolate. (This includes 3000mg of l-glutamine per scoop and 3000mg of BCAAs per scoop)
Suggested Use:
Simply add one scoop of Pea Power to a meal or beverage to increase the protein content:
Add one scoop to your smoothies, breakfast cereals, porridge, desserts, soups, sauces or even baked goods (such as muffins/brownies).
You can add Pea Power to both sweet and savoury dishes. Heat stable.
If training, take one scoop as soon as possible after your workout:
Drink in water, or add to your post-training meal – your smoothie/porridge/cereal.
Available in 1kg tub. Servings per tub: 43

Order online: = PEA POWER
Remember we deliver countrywide! (Not just local) 
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FAQ: Why Whey Power?

Why Whey Power?
1. Protein = 28 grams per scoop! 6000 mg L-Glutamine per scoop! 7500 mg BCAA’s per scoop!
2. Derived directly from milk NOT cheese, so not processed endlessly: All the immune-boosting qualities of the whey remain intact!

3. NO added carb
4. Only 620kJ (150 Cal) per serving
5. MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) added for energy
6. Very low lactose. Super-easy on the gut
7. NO stimulants
8. From grass-fed cattle
9. GMO free
10. Is suitable for (lacto) vegetarians
11. Mixes easily in plain water
12. And of course, like ALL our products, it simply tastes delicious! IN WATER!
We deliver countrywide!
Whey Power Recipes!

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