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10 QUICK tips to lose fat!

Listen to our 10 QUICK tips to lose fat!
Suggested goodies to help you:
Whey Power
Some of our Meal Plans to help you:
Meal Replacement with LeanPlex and Fat-Less
Intermittent fasting with Whey Power, MCT Oil and Pacelyte
Intermittent fasting with LeanPlex and Fat-Less
Low Carb, Keto with Whey Power, MCT Oil and Pacelyte
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EnduraShake for the whole family! Yummy ice-cream!

Most folk don’t realise that a scoop of EnduraShake is far cheaper than a PACKET OF CHIPS!
So this is what you can do to treat the entire family:
1. Give to your kiddies who struggle with concentration: One scoop in water, or blended with their favourite fruits or (sugar-free) peanut butter or added to oats/muesli. This will keep their blood sugar stable for hours. EnduraShake is safe for children – it has no artificial colourants etc. Plus it has MCT oil (found in coconuts) which is super-fuel for the brain!
2. Teenagers who are eating you out of house and home – Add it to oats/ muesli. It’s DELICIOUS in water, and is designed to go in water, but you can also blend it in milk for extra nutrition and extra calories for your growing teenagers!
3. Elderly Parent/Grandparent? EnduraShake provides immense nutritional support – especially for those who are living on their own and dislike cooking. One scoop in water; or added/stirred into their breakfast oats or blended with their favourite fruits. Wonderful for brain health and for providing them with sustaining energy.
4. Anyone in the family who is underweight or recovering from illness. Two or more scoops daily with water (or milk/almond milk).
5. Anyone in the family who is feeling run down then one scoop in water or blended with seasonal fruit.
6. Take a serving or half a serving (1-2 Scoops) of EnduraShake for recovery after you have trained, especially if you’ve had a high heart-rate session. Great for sore muscles. And particularly good if you’re feeling slightly over-trained/run-down.
7. Make ICE-CREAM for the entire family! HEALTHIER. (and cost-effective).Blend in water, and/or add any of their favourite goodies: bananas, berries, pineapple, peanut butter, cocoa powder, coffee and cocoa etc. Put in the deep freeze for ~an hour. Then ENJOY with your entire family!

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What is the difference between EnduraShake, LeanPlex and Whey Power?

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