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FAQ: How to use the GT Gel and the decanting bottle – MTB, road cycling, trail or road running

FAQ: How to use the GT Gel and the decanting bottle – MTB, road cycling, trail or road running

GT Gel
A Premium Electrolyte and Energy Gel from Africa for Africa!

FAQ: How do I use the GT Gel with the decanting bottle (pocket bottle) for MTB or road cycling, trail or road running

  • PS: (If you’re an Enduro Rider (Roof of Africa/ Romanics /Impi etc), go here for instructions).

With GT Gel, you can race with ONLY WATER for hours on end!

GT Gel enables you to race/train with JUST water in your water-bottles or hydration pack.

How? Simply decant the GT Gel into the little, re-usable Pace & Power decanting bottles. (Leave the flask containing the rest of GT Gel in the refrigerator). Each little re-usable gel bottle holds 110mls of gel, enough to complete ~3 hours of racing/training with a moderate-to-high heart-rate. (Approximately 30km of running; or 3 hours of road cycling or MTB). Take little sips of GT Gel intermittently over the 3 hours. Continue hydrating with water as usual.
Our re-usable gel bottles are available with different coloured lids so that you can plan and follow a regime during a long event.
No sticky fingers! (or pockets)
No litter!

(Each GT Gel flask contains 300ml of GT Gel: This is enough to race approx. 6-10 hours on water alone, depending on the intensity and nature of the sport).

You can use GT Gel in 2 different ways:

1. GT Gel with JUST WATER:
If you prefer to train/race with just water in your hydration pack or waterbottles, then the GT Gel is for you!

  • Simply decant GT Gel into Pace & Power pocket bottle: There is enough fuel (energy and electrolytes) in that little pocket bottle to give 3 hours of high heart-rate work: Finish the contents slowly over 3 hours – and drink water as you usually do. If you follow this approach, you’ll ensure an even intake of carbs and electrolytes.
  • Always ensure adequate hydration with water to assist absorption (See suggestions below)

2. GT Gel with your Sports Drink:
Top up the electrolyte and carbohydrate content your sports drink by sipping GT Gel throughout the event. This is a great option if you prefer to water-down your sports drink because it has become too sweet during the event.
If you run out of your EnduraPower, or you feel like switching to racing/training with only water in your water bottles/hydration pack, then sip GT Gel intermittently over the hour, as described in point no. 1 above.

Suggested Hydration Rate:
Always ensure adequate hydration to assist absorption!
It has been suggested that you hydrate according to bodyweight, your sport and individual requirements. Suggestions have included 8ml-10ml fluid/kg of bodyweight/hr. (This varies widely according to individual requirements/preferences and the nature or intensity of your sport).
For example, if you weigh:
60kgs – Drink approx 480ml-600ml water per hour
75kgs – Drink approx 600ml-750ml water per hour
100kgs – Drink approx 800ml-1 litre per hour
Note: Extreme sports, such as Enduro Motorbike riding, may require higher hydration = 10ml-11ml fluid/kg of bodyweight/hr.
For best athletic performance, use together with EnduraShake, EnduraPower, PaceLyte, Souties and Joobies.

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