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Enduro Riders (Only): How to use GT Gel in the little “2-stroke” bottle

Enduro Riders (Only): How to use GT Gel in the little “2-stroke” bottle

GT Gel
A Premium Electrolyte and Energy Gel from Africa for Africa!

Enduro Riders: How to use GT Gel.
GT Gel (high electrolytes, blend of stable carbs, BCAAs).
(If you’re doing MTB or road cycling, trail or road running, go here for instructions)
Enduro Riders as follows:
GT Gel is formidable with preventing cramps and maintaining performance with a high heart-rate, when racing Enduros in extreme heat. Because of the high-intensity nature of Enduros, you need to use GT Gel in addition to EnduraPower in your hydration pack.
Use like so: Fill the little decanting bottle (aka the 2-stroke bottle) with GT Gel and take a sip intermittently throughout the Enduro ride/event, whenever you have a gap: For instance:

  1. Take a swig before the start, to help prevent arm-pump.
  2. Take a swig whenever there is a bottle-neck.
  3. Take a swig when picking your lines.
  4. Whenever you’re waiting for another rider.
  5. Take more frequent swigs if you’re cramping.

Remember to use GT Gel in addition to drinking EnduraPower which is in your hydration pack.
EnduraPower goes in your hydration pack whilst GT Gel is decanted into the 2-stroke bottle and sipped from time-to-time. Keep the 2-stroke bottle in your handlebars bag, or a pocket that’s easy to get to.
RE: EnduraPower: Remember to hydrate with EnduraPower according to bodyweight: For enduro riding, this has been highly recommended: Bodyweight x 10ml or 11ml /hr. This may vary according to personal preference.
For example, if you weigh 90kgs, then you should drink 900ml -1 litre of EnduraPower per hour. Your 3 litre hydration pack should last you ~3.5 hours. Fill up your hydration pack with EnduraPower at each DSP.
When you use GT Gel conjunction with EnduraPower, the little 2-stroke bottle filled with GT Gel (110mls) should last you ~4-6 hours of Enduro riding, depending on the intensity. (Remember that GT Gel is used in addition to EnduraPower, with EnduraPower in your hydration pack and remember to always hydrate with EnduraPower as prescribed above.).
GT Gel is low flavour, with a soft texture, so very easy to swallow. High electrolytes including magnesium glycinate.
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