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Athletes…Are you making this ancient but common mistake?

Are you making this ancient but common mistake?

Mixing and matching, combining and “cross pollinating” various brands of products in your gut is creating a cement-mixer of conflicting stuff in your gut… And then one is left wondering why the nausea, why the vomiting… why hitting the wall… why the cramping…? And so on….

Let’s apply logic: Would you run Comrades with an Asics Shoe on one foot and a Nike shoe on the other? Similarly, would ride Cape Epic with one 27 inch wheel and one 29 inch wheel?

Never!…then why do that with your gut in an event??

Let me give you a common example: Some folk want to mix and match our EnduraShake with a foreign gel? Or our Joobies with a foreign drink?
Why would you do that when there are zero trials (apart from your experimentation) in combining two completely unrelated products that have no connection whatsoever with each other?

More importantly, don’t take or make experimental recommendations from/to another person’s gut…?

Athletes! There is always a risk of issues arising from your gut that will AFFECT YOUR PERFORMANCE. Our products are designed to work TOGETHER with each other like a lock and key. There is much research and thought that goes into the combination of our formulas… what to use and when… We know about our products and how to use them in combination with each other – We have helped literally tens of thousands of athletes over the last 20+ years! So please…
DO YOUR TRAINING JUSTICE, and stick with the recommended fuelling programme that we offer. Your gut and body will thank you.

If you’re not sure how to combine our formulas, go to the menu, select: “YOUR SPORT” and see the drop-down list of various sports. If need a peronalised explanation of how to combine our formulas for your BEST (and safe) ATHLETIC performance, then you’re welcome to make an appointment with me at our office. (No charge)