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LeanPlex 1.5kg

LeanPlex 1.5kg


LeanPlex is a low kilojoule meal shake to help you get lean and stay lean!


LeanPlex is a LEAN meal shake to help you get lean and stay lean!

It is a low-kilojoule meal, consisting of a high-quality PROTEIN blend, low carb, low GI carb and healthy fat.

LeanPlex is healthy and SUSTAINING! It will help you feeling satisfied for hours… You’ll notice stable blood sugar throughout the day, less hunger and less cravings for junk!

In addition, the high amount of L-glutamine will help you recover fast from exercise.

Note too that LeanPlex is absolutely delicious in water! No need to mix in milk. No need for a special blender. Simply add water and ENJOY!

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 25 cm

Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

How do I take LeanPlex?

How do I take LeanPlex?

ANYWHERE. ANYTIME. Simply add water!

Take 2 scoops of LeanPlex in ~300mls water.

Most people take it mid-morning and mid-afternoon.


You can drink LeanPlex whenever you can’t get to a meal…

LeanPlex makes a great breakfast if you’re running late; and it makes a delicious, sustaining lunch if you haven’t prepared anything.

Late home from work and too tired to cook? Then LeanPlex makes the perfect supper – healthy, not heavy, but satisfying!

What’s in LeanPlex?

  • 20 to 23 grams Protein (equivalent to a chicken breast) of a specialised 90% full spectrum protein blend, which is perfect for recovery!

  • High in L-glutamine – for muscle repair and recovery, gut health, and for supporting your immune system.

  • Low GI for stable blood sugar!

  • Only 160 Cal/670kJ per serving (about 2 apples only)

  • NO Aspartame. NO stimulants.

You can use LeanPlex daily: Any time, anywhere – Just add water!

Tips to Cut fat!


  • Use LeanPlex together with Fat-Less, our blend of herbs and extracts to accelerate fat-loss.

  • Drink LeanPlex twice a day (with water only)

  • Follow one of our very easy-to-do meal plans.

  • Start an exercise programme. Choose something that you really ENJOY!

  • Exercise 3-6 days per week, remembering to rest completely on one day per week.

  • Eat to 60-80% fullness

  • Eat from the earth: Vegetables and salad. Many different colours.

  • Eat enough good fats: Coconut oil for cooking, olive oil for cold foods/salads.

  • Get enough sleep (8 hours) as a lack of sleep makes you put on weight.

  • Stay hydrated. Drink ~30mls x bodyweight (kgs) of water over the day, plus ~750mls per hour when you exercise.

  • Avoid or restrict alcohol.

  • Be consistent with eating right and working out.

  • Be patient – there are no long-lasting quick-fixes. Losing fat takes time…. so choose happiness in the process: Enjoy your food and have fun when you exercise!

FAQs (LeanPlex)


Q: What is the difference between LeanPlex and Whey Power?

A: LeanPlex is a convenient, complete, low kilojoule meal, consisting of protein, low GI carbohydrate and fat. Because it is a complete (but low kilojoule) meal, LeanPlex will keep you feeling full for quite some time afterwards. It is particularly good if you have blood sugar fluctuations and if you struggle with cravings for junk! Leanplex also has a thicker mouth-feel than Whey Power, as it contains a little (low GI) carbohydrate and some fat.

The Whey Power is JUST protein, so no added carb. (There is negligible amount of carb – only 2.9g, which is inherent in the whey). Because Whey Power is JUST protein, it won’t keep you feeling full for long (unless you add it to oats or to a smoothie etc).

However, Whey Power has an extremely high recovery function – It has 6000mg of L-glutamine per scoop. In addition, it has 7500 mg BCAAs per scoop (BCAAs prevent muscle breakdown from intense training and/or strict low-carb dieting).

Whey Power is great for boosting overall protein intake! So if your diet is a little low in protein or your body needs faster recovery, then Whey Power is for you!

Also, if you are following a very low carbohydrate or no-carbohydrate diet, then Whey Power is perfect!

The consistency of Whey Power is very thin – as it is basically just protein. There is a smidgen of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides = a fat) added for those folk on low carb diets who still need to find energy to train. MCTs will provide this energy and are not stored as fat. We stock MCTs separately.

Both the LeanPlex and the Whey Power are absolutely delicious! Both can be taken in water or tossed into a smoothie.

AND…You don’t have to choose…You CAN use both – Simply and easily!

You can use LeanPlex as a meal – anytime during the day to help you to lose fat. (It’s very convenient at work); and Whey Power can be taken straight after training and/or for breakfast instead of an egg: Simply add a scoop of Whey Power to your oats for extra protein and magnificent recovery! You can also use Whey Power for a late-night NON-fattening snack! See our easy-to-do meal plan that includes both.

Q: Can I live on LeanPlex? How many meals per day can I replace with LeanPlex?

A: No, you cannot live on LeanPlex. A “supplement” is just that – It supplements your diet. Your body needs fibre to function; plus it needs a variety of phytonutrients found in all the different colours of foods. So make sure that you eat at least 2 meals per day comprised of fibrous, different-coloured vegetables and/or salad. Also keep to just 2 fruits (in season) per day. Balance is key to losing weight.

Meal Plan 1: LeanPlex+Fat-Less

Suggested Meal Plan to Cut Bodyfat: LeanPlex with (Optional) Fat-Less. EASY-PEASY!

Around breakfast time: 4 x Fat-Less (Optional)


  • One serving (2 scoops) of LeanPlex in ~300mls water.


  • One small bowl of unflavoured oats, include some protein in this meal by adding one scoop of LeanPlex to your oats; or by eating one whole egg.


  • One serving (2 scoops) of LeanPlex in ~300mls water or a handful of nuts

  • Optional: 1 Fruit

Around Lunchtime: 4 x Fat-Less (Optional)

Lunch: A balance of protein, ‘earth’ carbs and healthy fats

  • One portion (about size of your palm) of protein: chicken, lean red meat (steak, beef) or fish (salmon or other fatty fish are best)

  • One small portion of starch: potato or sweet potato, brown rice or butternut / pumpkin / squashes etc.

  • One very large portion of steamed or raw, or close-to-raw veggies, or salad, or one very large leafy-green smoothie.

  • One generous helping of extra virgin (cold pressed) olive, coconut or flaxseed oil or a small handful of nuts or an avo

(Best is to cook double quantity night before, chop up for easy eating during a busy day).


  • One serving (2 scoops) of LeanPlex in ~300mls water.

  • Optional: 1 Fruit

Supper: A balance of protein, ‘earth’ carbs and healthy fats

  • One portion protein (the size of your palm) of grilled chicken or lean red meat or fish

  • A very large portion of green leafy veggies with healthy fats: Use extra virgin olive or flaxseed oil (cold pressed) for cold foods/salads, and extra virgin coconut oil for hot foods/cooking/sauteing.

  • Optional: Tiny portion starchy carbs (from the earth). Sweet potato, potato, butternut, squash, brown rice. (Always limit man-made starches – such as pasta or bread)

Meal Plan 2:Leanplex+Whey Power+Fat-Less

Suggested Meal Plan: LeanPlex, Whey Power and Fat-less:
To Cut Fat, Help Stabilise Blood Sugar, Reduce Cravings and Recover Fast!
In the morning: 4 x Fat-Less (Optional)
One medium bowl of unflavoured original oats
Add 1 scoop of Whey Power to the oats
2 scoops LeanPlex in water
Around lunchtime: 4 x Fat-Less (Optional)
One portion (about size of your palm or fist) of chicken, lean red meat (steak, beef) or fish (salmon or other fatty fish are best)
One portion starchy carbs – Choose starches from the earth – such as sweet potato, potato, butternut, squash, brown rice. (Man-made starch – such as pasta or bread is not the most nutritious choice)
One generous helping of extra virgin (cold pressed) olive, coconut or flaxseed oil or avo
Large portion of steamed or raw – or close to raw – veggies or salad. LOADS of green leafy veggies or drink a green smoothie. Keep your heart healthy!
1 Scoop Whey Power with water plus 1 (or 2) fruits (Optional)
2 scoops LeanPlex in water
One small to medium portion grilled chicken, or lean red meat, or fish
Large portion of green leafy veggies with healthy oils
Small to medium portion of starchy carbs from the earth.
Late at night, if hungry:
1 Scoop Whey Power with water

EnduraShake vs LeanPlex vs Whey Power

What is the difference between EnduraShake, LeanPlex and Whey Power? When do I use each one?

ENDURASHAKE: Endurance meal – before and during, nutrition loader before and endurance recovery shake

How to use:

  • Nutrition/carbo-loader: 1-5 days before (depending on the type and intensity of the event). 1 scoop in 200mls water at 10h00, 15h00 and before bed.

  • Breakfast before the start: One serving (2 scoops) in 400mls water, 45-60 minutes before the start of the event/session.

  • Sustaining Meal During: If the event is long, take one serving (2 scoops) every 3.5 to 4 hours during the session.

  • Recovery food: A serving afterwards (2 scoops) for fast recovery. You can also take another 1-2 scoops before you go to sleep if you’re competing again the next day. EnduraShake won’t keep you awake, but it will help repair and replenish tired muscles whilst you sleep!

LEANPLEX: To Cut fat. A balanced meal during the day. Good for recovery after daily training.

How to use:

  • Take one serving (2 scoops) of LeanPlex in 300mls water mid-morning and mid-afternoon.


  • Drink LeanPlex ANYTIME when you can’t get to a healthy, balanced meal: LeanPlex makes a great breakfast if you’re running late; and it makes a satisfying lunch if you haven’t packed something healthy; or light, nutritious dinner, if you’re home late and too tired to cook.

WHEY POWER: Protein ONLY. To recover super fast, but not with huge calories/kilojoules! NO added carb. Nice for lean muscle tone.

How to use:

  • Drink one scoop of Whey Power in 250ml water straight after training. Great after after hill/ sprint sessions or heavy lifting at the gym… After any session where you know that you’re going to be stiff and sore!

  • Whenever you need to increase the protein content of a meal – such as adding a scoop of Whey Power to your breakfast oats/ muesli, (this makes the boring old oats taste delicious!); or drinking a scoop of Whey Power with your lunch salad /or low-protein pasta dish..Any meal where you’d like to increase the protein content.

  • A great idea is to add it to your daily favourite smoothie.

So to summarise, the EnduraShake should be used for your weekend sesssions (long, endurance) and events.

The LeanPlex and Whey Power should be used during the week, when trying to recover fast, but stay lean for your sport.


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