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LeanPlex…for DELICIOUS Weight-loss!

LeanPlex – a tasty low-kilojoule meal shake to help you get lean and stay lean!

High-quality PROTEIN blend. Low carb, low GI carb. Healthy fat.
Sustaining – Helping to Stabilise blood sugar, keeping you feeling fuller throughout the day,
Less hunger. Less cravings for junk!
L-glutamine for recovery from exercise.
NO Aspartame. NO stimulants.

For delicious tastiness, just add water! Anywhere. Anytime.

Difference between LeanPlex and Whey Power

Difference between LeanPlex, Whey Power and EnduraShake

Success partners: LeanPlex and Fat-Less

Some of our LIFESTYLE Meal Plans to help you cut fat:
Meal Replacement with LeanPlex and Fat-Less
Intermittent fasting with LeanPlex and Fat-Less

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FAQ: Which one of your products have BCAAs? Or do I have to buy that in addition to my protein powder?

FAQ: Which one of your products have BCAAs? Or do I have to buy that in addition to my protein powder? A: Our Whey Power contains 7500mg of BCAAs per one scoop! So if you purchase Whey Power, then you …

10 QUICK tips to lose fat!

Listen to our 10 QUICK tips to lose fat!

Suggested goodies to help you:
Whey Power

Some of our Meal Plans to help you:
Meal Replacement with LeanPlex and Fat-Less
Intermittent fasting with Whey Power, MCT Oil and Pacelyte
Intermittent fasting with LeanPlex and Fat-Less
Low Carb, Keto with Whey Power, MCT Oil and Pacelyte

Click here to Exercise in a TINY space at Home:

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Remember we deliver countrywide! (Not just local) ??


Fat-Less for LESS Fat!

What’s in Fat-Less????
A bunch of goodies (not “badies”!) that help you lose fat ? AND be healthy ? by assisting with the following:
• stabilising and regulating blood sugar
• reducing cravings
• supporting thyroid health
• balancing cholesterol
• providing antioxidants
• lowering blood pressure
• enhancing feelings of fullness
• supporting the absorption of nutrients from the gut

Special: WheyPower/PaceLyte/MCT Oil = Low-Carb/Keto! (Special no longer valid)

This special has expired…

This is our Low-Carb Special for those folk wanting to cut fat, or following keto/ low carb diets BUT are still needing energy to train!???️‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♂️? This special has expired…?

1) Whey Power – Protein only. VERY LOW kilojoule – You’ll have recovery, but won’t put on weight! High Glutamine = 6000mg per scoop, 7500mg BCAAs per scoop, 28g Protein per scoop!??
2) PaceLyte – Electrolytes only – for when you’re sweating, but don’t want carb. ?
3) MCT Oil – Energy that is not stored as bodyfat, but gives you energy for hours??.

How to use:
Add Whey Power to your breakfast smoothie ??or drink post workout – just add water.?

PaceLyte: Add one teaspoon to your training water-bottles

MCT Oil: Add one teaspoon of Pace & Power MCT Oil to your black coffee in the morning before you train for super, long-lasting energy.

Suggested Meal Plan

Alternative Eating Plan: Intermittent fasting

Disclaimer: Check with your doctor or dietician before starting any diet or exercise programme.

Here’re the SPECIAL OFFERS! You can CHOOSE from TWO Options!????
Option 1: Buy
1 x Whey Power @ R860 for 2 kgs
1 x PaceLyte @ R195 for 20-20 servings
1 x MCT Oil @ R165 for 500mls
Total = R1220 and get 1 x MCT Oil OR 1 x Pacelyte for FREE

Option 2: Pay for TWO packs, but GET THREE packs! So you get one WHOLE pack for FREE!?????‍♂️
2 x Whey Power
2 x PaceLyte
2 x MCT Oil
Total: R2440
And GET the following pack below valued at R1220 FOR FREE!??????‍♂️
1 x Whey Power
1 x PaceLyte
1 x MCT Oil

Place your orders online. Go to and type “LOW CARB SPECIAL” under delivery special instructions/ comments. I will make sure that you get your freebies – cos I’m the one packing! ???

Low Carb and Keto foods

Lose Weight – Low and Keto

Whey Power Recipes!

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FAQ: Why Whey Power?

Why Whey Power?

1. Protein = 28 grams per scoop! 6000 grams L-Glutamine per scoop! 7500 mg BCAA’s per scoop!????

2. Derived directly from milk NOT cheese, so not processed endlessly: All the immune-boosting qualities of the whey remain intact! ?

3. NO added carb??

4. Only 620kJ (150 Cal) per serving?

5. MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) added for energy ?‍♀️?
6. Very low lactose. Super-easy on the gut?

7. NO stimulants☺️

8. From grass-fed cattle?☘️

9. GMO free?

10. Is suitable for (lacto) vegetarians???

11. Mixes easily in plain water?

12. And of course, like ALL our products, it simply tastes delicious! IN WATER!????

We deliver countrywide!???

Whey Power Recipes!

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