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FAQ: I am a Road Runner, how do I use EnduraPower?

FAQ: I am a road runner, how do I use the EnduraPower?

A: Use EnduraPower for all your long events and for daily training. This is how:

Daily Training: Shorter runs, i.e up to ~20kms. (Mix EnduraPower the night before and leave in the fridge).

  • Option 1: Wake up, drink as much of your mixed EnduraPower as you can, put it back in the fridge… go for your run. When you get back from your run, finish off what is left of your EnduraPower.
  • Option 2: Get used to running with a water-bottle, as you will need to do so for the first 10km of events that are 42km and longer. During Comrades, you’ll most likely use the EnduraPower for the first 10kms and then again at 30km and at 60km, which means you’ll have a water bottle in your hand for ~5-8kms at those points.
  • Track/Hills/Speed work: Take your mixed bottle of EnduraPower with you to these sessions. Start sipping before and then sip in-between each sprint. Finish of what is left in your bottle at the end of the session.

Longer Distances: > = 42km. Use EnduraPower for the first 10km of the 42km before you switch over to GT Gel for the remaining 32kms. During Comrades, you’ll most likely use the EnduraPower for the first 10kms and then again at 30km and at 60km – see Comrades schedule). Some folk do run the whole of Comrades on EnduraPower only – this is obviously made easier if you have a hydration pack. See our other road race schedules here.

Suggested dosage according to bodyweight.

Please note however: Personal preference, type and intensity of your sport, training history, gender, age, medical history, ambient temperature all affect hydration rate. Please discuss you hydration strategy with your medical doctor.

50kgs = 1 scoop in 500ml water. Drink ~400-500ml per hour
75kg = 1.5 scoops in 750ml water per hour. Drink ~600-750ml per hour
100kg = 2 scoops in 1 litre water. Drink ~800-1000ml per hour

Remember to get EnduraShake too! Race Partners: EnduraPower + EnduraShake.

Racing Tip: To cancel “taste fatigue”, swap from EnduraPower for GT Gel. When you decant GT Gel into our Pace & Power little pocket-sized gel bottle, there is enough fuel and electrolytes for ~ 3 hours of high heart rate racing or training WITH WATER ONLY.  You can also choose our EnduraPower low flavour or flavour-less options – Read more here

Mixing Tip: Mix EnduraPower with a little warm water to dissolve contents immediately. Top up with cold water, or leave in the fridge ready for consumption. You can mix EnduraPower the night before.

Remember to get EnduraShake too! Race Partners: EnduraPower + EnduraShake.

Racing Tip: For crazy distances, consider our salty, electrolyte formula, PACELYTE (with minuscule carb) as well as our Souties, a salty, savoury biscuit, consisting of baked yam (cassava root) with protein and MCT Oil!

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