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Sneaky Effects of too much Cortisol (and what you can actively do about it!)

“The body keeps score, and it always wins!” (Dr Brene Brown) Let Cortisol be your friend.. Cortisol is an important stress hormone that is secreted by the adrenal glands – If your cortisol is balanced, you will be able to perform extremely well, and stay in good (healthy) shape… (Simply put) Balanced cortisol =  Strength, […]

What is the difference between EnduraShake and EnduraPower?

What is the difference between EnduraPower and EnduraShake? EnduraPower is our state-of-the sports drink, designed to prevent dehydration and cramping, especially if racing/training in African heat. It has 4 different types of carbohydrate to provide blood sugar stability throughout the event. High in electrolytes, including Kalahari Salt as well as malic acid to support high […]

What is the difference between EnduraShake, LeanPlex and Whey Power?

EnduraShake vs LeanPlex vs Whey Power What is the difference between EnduraShake, LeanPlex and Whey Power? When do I use each one? ENDURASHAKE: Endurance meal – before and during, nutrition loader before and endurance recovery shake How to use: Nutrition/carbo-loader: 1-5 days before (depending on the type and intensity of the event). 1 scoop in […]

5 Common Myths about Sports Drinks

5 Common Myths about Sports Drinks Myth 1: Water is the best fluid replacement during activity. Fact: Whilst water is good, it does have its limitations in terms of athletic performance. The subtle flavour actually encourages drinking more than water alone does.1 Water turns off the thirst-mechanism before rehydration is complete.2 Water lacks electrolytes and […]

Which Sports Drink is the BEST?

Choosing the best sports drink: Understanding Osmolality – Hypotonic; Hypertonic and Isotonic Osmolality is a measure of the number of dissolved particles in a fluid. These particles or solids could be maltodextrins, sugars, salt or other electrolytes. The osmolality of the drink determines the rate at which the fluid moves from the gut and into […]