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FAQ: Can you explain how to load and use EnduraShake for an event?

FAQ: Can you explain how to load and use EnduraShake?
Nutrition-loading before an event: ENDURASHAKE
Starting 1 to 5 days before (Usually 3 days before should suffice, however nutrition-load for 5 days before the event if the event is very extreme for you)
Nutrition-load as follows:
1 x scoop in 200mls water at 10h00
1 x scoop in 200mls water at 15h00
1 x scoop in 200mls water before bedtime
In other words, 3 scoops in divided doses spread over the day for 3-5 days. We recommend the 3 scoops in divided doses, in-between your main meals (hence 10h00, 15h00 and before bedtime) so that you are able to keep eating your normal food/meals – In this way, there are no changes to your body’s digestive routine. So 3 scoops, 3 times per day at 10h00, 15h00 and before bed. Do this for 3-5 days before your event.

On the morning of the event: Drink 2 (TWO) scoops of EnduraShake in 400mls water, 45 minutes before the start. Drink 2 scoops every 3.5 hours during a long event. Take 2 scoops at the end for recovery. And if the event is very hard, take another 1 or 2 scoops before bed. (EnduraShake will not keep you awake)

Leading up to your event, it is recommended that drink a 750ml water bottle of EnduraPower over the day for the 3 days before to load your body with electrolytes, including magnesium bis-glycinate, Kalahari salt and others, as well as extra carbohydrates.
In addition/ alternatively, if you know that the event is going to be extreme, you can use PaceLyte a few days before to top up your electrolytes to obliterate any risk of cramping.

Remember to never use EnduraShake on its own: Using EnduraShake without EnduraPower or GT Gel is like running with one shoe off, or forgetting to fill up your car with petrol before going on a long trip.
EnduraShake  + EnduraPower or GT Gel are designed to work together! Do your hard training justice by using them together.

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