EnduraShake for the whole family! Yummy ice-cream!

Ok – So during Lockdown, you’re looking at your tub of EnduraShake and you’re not training as much👀… What to do with it?🤔
Most folk don’t realise that a scoop of EnduraShake is far cheaper than a PACKET OF CHIPS!!!😱🧐
So this is what you can do to treat the entire family:
1. Give to your kiddies who struggle with concentration: One scoop in water, or blended with their favourite fruits 🍒🥭🥝 or (sugar-free) peanut butter🥔 or added to oats/muesli. This will keep their blood sugar stable for hours. EnduraShake is safe for children – it has no artificial colourants etc. Plus it has MCT oil (found in coconuts) which is super-fuel for the brain!🧠
2. Teenagers who are eating you out of house and home – Add it to oats/ muesli.🍚 It’s DELICIOUS in water, and is designed to go in water, but you can also blend it in milk for extra nutrition and extra calories for your growing teenagers!🕺🤳
3. Elderly Parent/Grandparent? 👵👴 EnduraShake provides immense nutritional support – especially for those who are living on their own and dislike cooking.🤷‍♂️ One scoop in water; or added/stirred into their breakfast oats or blended with their favourite fruits. Wonderful for brain health and for providing them with sustaining energy.🚶🙌👍
4. Anyone in the family who is underweight or recovering from illness. Two or more scoops daily with water (or milk/almond milk). 🤒💪👍
5. Anyone in the family who is feeling run down 🥴 then one scoop in water or blended with seasonal fruit.🍓🍏🍍
6. Take a serving or half a serving (1-2 Scoops) of EnduraShake for recovery after you have trained, especially if you’ve had a high heart-rate session. 🚴🏃‍♀️Great for sore muscles.🏋️ And particularly good if you’re feeling slightly over-trained/run-down.😴
7. Make ICE-CREAM for the entire family!!! 🥳Cheaper.🙃 HEALTHIER.😇🤩Blend in water, OR add any of their favourite goodies: bananas, berries, pineapple, peanut butter, cocoa powder, coffee and cocoa etc. Put in the deep freeze for ~an hour. Then ENJOY with your entire family!😊👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😋💋

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What is the difference between EnduraShake, LeanPlex and Whey Power?

MCT Oil – A brief

MCT oil is a must if you’re on a low carb or ketogenic diet to lose weight, but are feeling flat as a result!🥴
MCTs will give you energy to train 🏃‍♀️🚴🏋️‍♀️ without putting on weight 🙌👏 AND they will help you feel fuller! 🥳🤩
In addition, MCT oil has a number of bonuses!
1. Better brain and memory function 🧠 especially in the elderly👴👵
2. Feeling of fullness especially on low carb diets 🤐💃
3. Lowered “bad” cholesterol 🥳
4. Better blood sugar levels for type 2 Diabetics 🙌
5. Supports heart health 😍
6. Supports digestion and nutrient absorption 🥗
7. Has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties 💪

Pea Power – Power from Pea Protein!

Our Pea Protein Isolate is:

Non-GMO 🧐
Organic ☘️
Naturally vegan 🐾
Mixes easily in both hot and cold liquids 🍵
Is allergen-free 🤧
Low in fat; contains no cholesterol 🥳
Contains no additives, flavours or colourants 🤩
Just PURE protein!🥳

1 scoop (1 serving) provides 18g of pure pea protein isolate. (This includes 3000mg of l-glutamine per scoop and 3000mg of BCAAs per scoop)🙌😁💪🐾🌿🍃

Suggested Use:
Simply add one scoop of Pea Power to a meal or beverage to increase the protein content:
Add one scoop to your smoothies, breakfast cereals, porridge, desserts, soups, sauces or even baked goods (such as muffins/brownies).
You can add Pea Power to both sweet and savoury dishes. Heat stable.
If training, take one scoop as soon as possible after your workout:
Drink in water, or add to your post-training meal – your smoothie/porridge/cereal.

Available in 1kg tub. Servings per tub: 43

Place your order online: www.paceandpower.co.za = PEA POWER
Remember we deliver countrywide! (Not just local) 🚚🚛👍😁

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FAQ: Why Whey Power?

Why Whey Power?

1. Protein = 28 grams per scoop! 6000 grams L-Glutamine per scoop! 7500 mg BCAA’s per scoop!😱🥳🤩👊

2. Derived directly from milk NOT cheese, so not processed endlessly: All the immune-boosting qualities of the whey remain intact! 💪

3. NO added carb👏🥳

4. Only 620kJ (150 Cal) per serving🙌

5. MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) added for energy 🏃‍♀️🚴
6. Very low lactose. Super-easy on the gut💃

7. NO stimulants☺️

8. From grass-fed cattle🐮☘️

9. GMO free🧐

10. Is suitable for (lacto) vegetarians😊😇🐾

11. Mixes easily in plain water🥛

12. And of course, like ALL our products, it simply tastes delicious! IN WATER!😜🥳🥰💋

We deliver countrywide!🚛🛒🛍

Whey Power Recipes!

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