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How do I use Whey Power?

How do I use Whey Power?

Whey Power is protein only = 28g per scoop. It is used for daily RECOVERY as it contains all the amino acids, plus high Glutamine (6000mgs per scoop) and high BCAA’s (7500mg per scoop). It is low in calories/kilojoules! NO added carb. Nice for lean muscle tone.

How do I use Whey Power?

  • Recovery
  • As a protein boost to any meal

Recovery: Drink one scoop of Whey Power in 250ml water straight after training. Great after after hill/ sprint sessions or heavy lifting at the gym… After any session!
We all know that the number thing that holds us back in any sport is recovery! So if you hasten up your daily recovery, not only will you feel better, but you will also go into an event better prepared. Stronger, fitter with better immunity.

Protein Boost to Any Meal: Whenever you need to increase the protein content of any meal: For example, add a scoop of Whey Power to your breakfast oats/ muesli, (this makes boring old oats taste delicious!). Or you could drink a scoop of Whey Power along with eating your lunch salad /or a low-protein pasta dish.. Any meal where you’d like to increase the protein content. (Be sure not add Whey Power to boiling foods, as this will denature the proteins, however you may it to slightly off-boiling hot foods)

A great idea is to add it to your daily favourite smoothie. Here are some super-easy low very kilojoule Whey Recipes

What is the difference between Whey Power, EnduraShake and Leanplex

To summarise, the EnduraShake should be used for your weekend sesssions (long, endurance) and events. Whey Power for daily recovery, LeanPlex as a fat-loss, plus recovery meal replacement.