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FAQ: Is it possible to run a 42km with only the GT Gel?

FAQ: Is it possible to run a 42km with only the GT Gel (not the EnduraPower). What are the pros/cons?

If so, how do I do this?

A: Yes, you can easily run your 42km (or any distance) with the GT Gel only, but you’ll still need to take the EnduraShake.
[Note: You can easily run your 42km (or any distance) with the EnduraPower (only) instead of the GT Gel, but you’ll still need to take the EnduraShake. The EnduraPower is great for folk who don’t like the texture of a gel. This is obviously made easy if you run with a hydration pack].

Swapping between the GT Gel and the EnduraPower has shown to be the best option – that is using EnduraPower for 1-3 hours, then switching to GT Gel for 1-3 hours – This creates great taste variety, which becomes increasingly important the longer the event is!

Whether you choose GT Gel or EnduraPower (or the combination of the two), you still need to load with EnduraShake (for 3 days before) AND take 2 scoops of EnduraShake in 400mls water, on the morning of the event, 45 minutes before the start. Note: You don’t need to eat breakfast: Two scoops of EnduraShake will last you ~42kms (that is ~3.5 hours) without getting hungry.
GT Gel and/or EnduraPower will give you performance on the day!

Using GT only (without EnduraPower)


  1. Simple to do. Only one thing to think about.


  1. You’ll need to carry 2 of the little Pace & Power pocket bottles filled with GT Gel (not one).
  2. There’s a possibility of taste fatigue – especially on longer events – such as Two Oceans or Comrades. This is avoided if you swap (temporarily) to EnduraPower at various points along the way – this is particularly easy at Comrades because of the support tents.
  3. There’s a possibility of hydration neglect in the first 10kms. It is particularly import to hydrate correctly right from the beginning if the event is long, as it affects performance in the second half of a marathon. If you use EnduraPower for the first 10kms, then adequate hydration is ensured.

How to run a 42km with GT Gel only:

Decant the GT Gel into TWO of the little Pace & Power pocket bottles. Fill BOTH up to the 75ml mark, (which is 2 thirds of the pocket bottle). (This is also the measure that you’d use if you were running a 21km) So 2 x pocket bottles, filled to 75mls = 42kms of energy and electrolytes.

Consume the contents (75mls) of the first pocket bottle over the first 21km; and then finish the second pocket bottle (75mls) over the second half.

Best is to sip a little of the GT Gel before the start of the event, and then sip intermittently throughout, taking small sips often. Make sure that you drink sufficient water to ensure rapid absorption from the gut – see recommendations below.

Hydration rate varies widely (according to individual requirements/ preferences, age, gender, medical history, training history, performance intensity and ambient temperature). However it has been suggested that you hydrate according to bodyweight. Suggestions have included 8ml-10ml fluid/kg of bodyweight/hr.
For example, if you weigh:
60kgs – Drink approx 480ml-600ml water per hour
75kgs – Drink approx 600ml-750ml water per hour
100kgs – Drink approx 800ml-1 litre per hour

Please note this is not a prescription, but rather a suggestion, to assist with rapid absorption from the gut, as well as efficient delivery of energy and electrolytes to hard-working muscles. Note also that the significant electrolyte content of GT Gel may help prevent hyponatraemia (aka low salt)