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HELP: Navigating the SHOP

HELP: Navigating the SHOP

HELP: Navigating the SHOP

HELP: Navigating the SHOP (Download as a PDF)

How To …Navigate the SHOP!

Clicking the Pace & Power logo from pretty much anywhere will take you to the Shop page.
You can also click on the menuBar item “Shop” (which is on the left-most position).
To the shop from anywhere

The default(shop) page
Once at the Shop, you can click on any item to get to the relevant select options and add it to your cart.

By way of example, we will run through the steps to buy EnduraShake.

  1. If you hover over a product, the SELECT OPTIONS box for that product will highlight
    SELECT OPTIONS EnduraShake
  2. Next Step
  3. You will see product details – and can select flavours/size etc
    EnduraShake variants
  4. Once you've chosen your preferred options, add the product to the cart.
    EnduraShake Selected options
  5. Next Step
  6. You will see a confirmation of “added to cart”
    Confirmation: Added to Cart
  7. You can see your cart content summary
    Cart Summary
  8. Next Step
  9. You can also navigate to the cart using the menuBar
    Finding the cart (from anywhere)