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Signs of a Good Relationship with Food and Your Body

  • You give yourself unconditional permission to eat any food you like – No foods are off-limits.
  • You enjoy all foods in moderation: You eat enough to satisfy – You know when you’ve had enough.
  • Numbers are not important to you: Your weight on the scale / bodyfat percentage/ kilojoule expenditure/ calorie counting. These are not important to you.
  • You don’t go “on a diet”.
  • You don’t eat food to feel better, or when you’re bored, or “because it’s there”. You eat when you’re physically hungry.
  • You eat the right amount at every meal (not too much or too little). You stop eating before you’re full.
  • You enjoy your food. You savour the taste. Eating is a pleasure!
  • You pay attention to what your body feels like eating.
  • You don’t eliminate one any of the macro food groups: Carbs, protein and fat. You eat all three in a balanced ratio.
  • You’re not critical of your physical ability/state. You exercise regularly and eat healthily, but you’re also kind and accepting of the natural fluctuations in your shape and performance. You love your body and are grateful for your health, your heart, your limbs.
  • You’re not critical of the shape or physical ability of others, nor are you critical of their food and lifestyle choices.
  • You choose foods that make you feel energised, clean and vital.
  • You’re not concerned/upset if you have to skip training for a few days.
  • You’re not grumpy if your jeans feel tight.
  • If you’re unable to train for a few weeks, you automatically find yourself eating less, simply because you’re not as hungry: You don’t eat more because you’re stressed out about not training.
  • You understand that it’s important to look after your body, by keeping active and eat healthily – because it’s the “only one that I’ve got”. But you are not defined by your body.
  • You know that you are much more than your ability and the physical package that we live in.