Workout at Home!🏠🏘🥳😍
Welcome to the IKFF Africa WotD (Workout of the Day)
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Notes from Coach Trent:🤓

If the new workout hasn’t been created (yet), it won’t load – this is a Work-In-Progress, so please bear with us/me
If you have NO KettleBells (ahhhh shame, poor you!!), you should click the BodyWeight button.👏👍🦶🦵
The KettleBells workout has a mix of singles 💪and doubles (2 bells used simultaneously). 💪💪
You’ll need (for both types of workout):

  • mat
  • ab-wheel
  • skipping rope
    If you click the “go!” button while the WotD is running, it skips to the next exercise
    If you’re using this on your phone/tablet…Set your screen-sleep timeout – otherwise when your phone sleeps, the browser stops too.📲
    Zoom in a little to click the “go!” button Or use it on your PC or laptop!💻
    Have fun!!😍🤩🥳💪👏👍

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