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Pace & Power – What we do…

For the newbies on this site….Pace & Power – What we do… Sports & Nutritional Supplements that are safe, healthy and effective!???

We provide supplements for all sports: Endurance and Ultra events – including Ironman, ??‍♀️?Comrades,?‍♀️ Cape Epic?‍♀️ Roof of Africa ?️ and also for short, high-intensity events – such as swimming, hockey, soccer, netball, rugby etc.?️???⛹️
In addition we provide formulas to help you lose weight, get fitter and feel better!?‍♀️?

Since our inception in 2002, our focus has always been quality, cutting-edge formulas with prices that are competitive.? Most of our ingredients are imported, but we blend locally to keep our products affordable and to support local business.? In addition, our reputation is that of having a “clean label” – no artificial colourants etc.??

We have grown to where we are today simply through word-of-mouth, rather than using traditional, commercial marketing channels – So THANK-YOU for your support over the years ?????

“Under Promise. Over-deliver” – Jim Rohn?

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Remember we deliver countrywide! (Not just local) ??
DurinJHB Shop is open daily 9h00-15h00 ??️
If you can’t make it in those times, simply whatsapp me 0836380277 to make another time ??

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