10 of the BEST tips to lose fat!

  1. In addition to your green leafy vegetables, salads and fruit, eat some starchy carbs…not loads, but do eat some! Choose starchy carbs from the earth: Sweet potato, peas, brown rice, pumpkin etc
  2. Make all the liquids you drink without kilojoules – so drink water…If you had to change just ONE thing to lose weight, cut all liquids to water only (or black tea or black coffee: add a spoon of our MCT oil to your coffee for extra energy while on lower kilojoules)
  3. Eat healthy fats: Virgin coconut, olive and flaxseed oil, raw nuts and seeds. Fish oils.
  4. Eat protein: Whole eggs, dairy, white and red meat, fish, LeanPlex, nuts and seeds, Whey Power, Pea Power. (Eliminate soya).
  5. Workout with kettlebells (esp 2 bells simultaneously) and/or entire bodyweight. Go to http://wotd.ikff.za.net:8088/ for workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime!
  6. Do Tabatas / hill sprints /high intensity intervals once a week. Choose exercises that use your whole body- such as burpees or jump squats.
  7. Sleep. A lack of sleep will make you fatter.
  8. “Going on’ a diet” implies that you’ll “go off” the diet at some point….Rather choose an approach that is sustainable for your lifestyle… and have fun!
  9. It’s ok to start over…Most of us have started over 1000s of times. Forget where you were, and start where you are now.
  10. A little goes a long way… small changes over time; a short workout is better than none at all; eating right for part of the day is better than not at all, carrying your own stuff is better than a trolley…etc
  11. Trust the process. If you train and eat right consistently, there will be changes!

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