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LeanPlex…for DELICIOUS Weight-loss!

LeanPlex – a tasty low-kilojoule meal shake to help you get lean and stay lean!

High-quality PROTEIN blend. Low carb, low GI carb. Healthy fat.
Sustaining – Helping to Stabilise blood sugar, keeping you feeling fuller throughout the day,
Less hunger. Less cravings for junk!
L-glutamine for recovery from exercise.
NO Aspartame. NO stimulants.

For delicious tastiness, just add water! Anywhere. Anytime.

Difference between LeanPlex and Whey Power

Difference between LeanPlex, Whey Power and EnduraShake

Success partners: LeanPlex and Fat-Less

Some of our LIFESTYLE Meal Plans to help you cut fat:
Meal Replacement with LeanPlex and Fat-Less
Intermittent fasting with LeanPlex and Fat-Less

Click here to Exercise in a TINY space at Home:

We deliver countrywide! (Not just local)

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