20 things for a Healthier Winter

  1. Sleep. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ll probably still get sick – even with a really nutritious diet.
  2. Pace yourself at work/ life: Keep a balance between and work and play. Too much stress will depress your immune system.
  3. Make time for R&R, prayer, meditation and bonding with your most favourite humans (or furry friends).
  4. Train. Exercise calms the mind and creates feelings of relaxation and renewal. These endorphins help reduce life’s stresses.
  5. But don’t over-train. Balance is key. If you don’t have a coach, learn to pay attention to your body. More is not necessarily better.
  6. Don’t train (or compete!) if you’re feeling sick. This is a bitter one for the dedicated… But one day off now, is much better than 3 weeks off with antibiotics (and possible cardiac damage)
  7. L-Glutamine Take this immune-supporting supplement daily after training.
  8. Soups made with seasonal fresh veg  with as many different colours as possible. Add immune-boosting collagen peptides to your soups.
  9. Seasonal fruits: Mother Nature did the thinking for you: Winter fruits are high in immune-supporting vitamins – eg vit C found in oranges, lemons etc
  10. Have a daily Green (or Fruit) Smoothie – I noticed significant improvements in my immunity after several months of consistent daily smoothies. This is what I put into mine.
  11. Use immune-boosting supplements: Zinc Picolinate, Vitamin D, Probiotics, Ester C, (which is 4 times stronger than regular Vit C); echinacea, spirulina, chlorella.  Grapefruit seed extract is a natural antibiotic and germ killer. (We also stock this). Note: I don’t use these all the time – I simply reintroduce them if I’m feeling a little run-down.
  12. Immune-boosting foods and drinks: Garlic, berries (all), onions, cinnamon, ginger, oregano, kefir, kombucha, turmeric and raw honey.
  13. Wash your hands often.
  14. Winter sun (not sunburn). Expose some skin – natural Vitamin D is a powerful immune booster.
  15. Coconut Oil. Anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral. I do oil pulling every day.
  16. Gargle with warm salt water first thing in the morning (Those early morning surfers are on to something!)
  17. Stay hydrated – Bodyweight x 30ml/day (excluding training hydration). This becomes even more important if you’re feeling sick, as the soldiers of the immune system travel via bodily fluids and so dehydration hampers this. If you’re sick, then warm liquids – such as soup or tea with fresh ginger and raw honey are helpful.
  18. Cut back on alcohol and sugar.
  19. Cold showers!  Don’t do this if you’re pregnant, have chronic fatigue, or have an underlying medical condition, or are feeling run-down.
  20. And if you do get sick, be selfless and stay in bed. 

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