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Collagen Peptides [Pure] (300g; 1kg)

Collagen Peptides [Pure] (300g; 1kg)


Collagen Peptides for Connective Tissue Support



Pure Collagen Peptide Powder – free from preservatives, colourants, flavours and additives.
Easily digested  and bioavailable to the body.
Neutral taste and heat stable.
2 scoops provides 9000mg Collagen Peptides.
Available in 300g and 1kg tubs

Inflammation, joints, connective tissue, healing, skin, nails, hair, sports injury, ligaments, tendons, bones, discs

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300g, 1kg

What is collagen?

Collagen is the main protein or “cement” that makes up all of our connective tissue. It is found mostly in tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, skin, nails, hair, blood vessels, corneas, the gut and the intervertebral discs. In fact, collagen makes up 25% to 35% of the entire protein content of our bodies

The name collagen comes from the Greek word: kolla meaning “glue” and -gen meaning “to produce”.

So if you have issues with any connective tissue (for example, your knees/lower back), then our collagen is the thing to use!

Our collagen powder is pure! Nothing added: It is free from preservatives, colourants, flavours and additives. It digests easily and is very bioavailable to the body. It has a neutral taste.

Heat stable: So you can add it to hot or cold drinks or food. (I mix mine into my dinner/soup). Or you can simply add it to water or your smoothie. Mixes very easily.

Dosage: 2 scoops per day ~9000mg per day.

Why our Collagen?

Why PACE & POWER Collagen Peptides?

Our collagen powder is 100% PURE! Nothing added: It is free from preservatives, colourants, flavours and additives. It digests easily and is very bioavailable to the body. It has a neutral taste.

Heat stable: You can add our collagen to hot or cold drinks or food. Or you can simply add it to water or to your smoothie. Mixes very easily.

How to use Collagen

Dosage: All the studies have shown that the therapeutic dose of 9000mg per day, is the best, most effective dose (without unnecessary loss through excretion). 2 scoops per day which will supply your body with 9000mg per day. Take anytime. Our Pace & Power Collagen is heat stable. It mixes very easily and has a neutral taste – so you can add it to hot or cold drinks, or food (such as soup). Or you can simply add it to water or to your daily smoothie or protein shake. One 300g tub will give you one month’s supply – at a daily dose of 9000mg One 1kg tub will give you 3.3 months – at a daily dose of 9000mg

FAQs: Collagen


Q: What is the best time to take Collagen?

A: The best time to take it, is when you’ll always remember! It is important to be consistent, so slot it into your daily routine, when know you’ll always remember.

Q: If I’d like to improve my skin, nails and hair, will the collagen that I take, go directly to those areas?

A: You can’t direct the collagen exactly to where you want it, for example, to your eye wrinkles, rather than to your sore knees. However, the body is highly intelligent and will place the collagen where it is most needed and in the order of priority. One way to think of it, is that the collagen will be helping several areas within the body simultaneously. This is why consistency is key. Best results are seen after 3 months.

Q: How long does collagen take to work?

A: Best results are usually only after 3 months. However, some folk feel an improvement after just a few weeks, some as as little as 2 weeks.

Q: What is the most effective dose?

A: All the studies have shown that the therapeutic dose of 9000mg per day, is the best, most effective dose (without unnecessary loss through excretion).

Q: How long will the 300g tub last?

A: There is exactly one month’s supply at the recommended dose of 9000mg per day. The 1kg will give you 3.3 months.

Q: Will it keep me awake?

A: No

Q: How long can I take it for?

A: The longer you take collagen, the better for overall connective tissue health and mobility.

Q: Why Collagen Peptides?

A: A collagen peptide is a low molecular weight, that is, a predigested powder. Most collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed through the gut and into the bloodstream. To get around this, our collagen is hydrolysed. This means it has been broken down by enzymes to tiny molecules that can be easily absorbed.

Q: What is the difference between collagen peptides and hydrolysed collagen?

A: They basically mean the same thing:

A collagen peptide is a broken-down, small unit that has a low molecular weight, which makes it easily absorbed.

Hydrolysed collagen simply means that the amino acid chains have been broken down into smaller units – collagen peptides.

Collagen peptides/hydrolysed collagen is able to dissolve in both hot and cold liquids. It is very well absorbed by the body.

Q: Do you recommend any other life-style changes to be made, along with taking collagen?

A: This is not necessary, as the body will use the collagen to heal problem areas over a period of time. That said, lifestyle changes always make a supplement work better in the body!

• Many folk report outstanding results when collagen is combined with a restorative strength and flexibility routine, as prescribed by a professional. Such programs will allow the correct alignment of the collagen fibres as the healing process takes place.

• In addition, if you are suffering from high inflammation and pain, a reduction in acidity-causing foods, such as man-made sugars, including all baked goods – cereals, breads etc, as well as alcohols is beneficial.

• Getting enough rest and recovery, particularly if you are training daily is helpful.

• Also, including loads of fresh, green leafy vegetables, fresh ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar in your green smoothies is great for reducing inflammation.

• Lastly including EPA and DHA found in fish oils is helpful.

The above dietary/lifestyle additions may help reduce overall acidity in the body, thereby allowing the collagen-healing process to be more efficient and effective.

Q: Is collagen vegan?

A: No, collagen doesn’t come from plants, it comes from animals. Ours is bovine.

Q: Any advice in choosing a collagen supplement?

A: Choose collagen peptides and one that has as few simple ingredients as possible. In other words, choose pure! Don’t select the flavoured versions, as these contain either either sweeteners or sugars (which can increase inflammation, slowing healing). Choose Pace & Power! Ours contains no additives, sugars, or sweeteners. Ours is simply pure collagen.

Q: I don’t like the taste, what can I do?

A: Bury it in your daily smoothie, oats porridge, (sugar-free) muesli, protein shake, or even soup, stew or coffee. Persevere…as the results (of our good quality, correct dose collagen = 9000mg/day) are outstanding!

Q: Are there any side-effects?


1. High calcium levels or hypercalcemia may occur in the blood as a possible side effect of collagen supplements. Collagen that comes from marine sources, such as shark cartilage and shell fish, contain high amounts of calcium, which can raise the calcium levels of a person using the supplement. Pace & Power Collagen is bovine.

2. Possible allergic reaction for individuals allergic to collagen sources (bovine, porcine, fish, shellfish, chicken). Pace & Power collagen source is bovine.

3. Possible decreased appetite.


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