What’s in Fat-Less?🧐😊👍
A bunch of goodies (not “badies”!) that help you lose fat 👏 AND be healthy 🙌 by assisting with the following:
• stabilising and regulating blood sugar
• reducing cravings
• supporting thyroid health
• balancing cholesterol
• providing antioxidants
• lowering blood pressure
• enhancing feelings of fullness
• supporting the absorption of nutrients from the gut
Go to our website to read more about Fat-Less for LESS Fat! 🙌
Look for our Lockdown SPECIALS! (We have several running!)🥳

Place your order online: www.paceandpower.co.za
Remember we deliver countrywide! (Not just local) 🚚🚛
During Lockdown, JHB Shop is open daily 9h00-12h00 (ish) 🛒🛍️
If you can’t make it in those times, simply whatsapp me 0836380277 to make another time 👍😁

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