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EnduraPower… Power packed in this little affordable tub!

EnduraPower! Power packed in this affordable little tub!
There is a saying that goes: “Don’t just a book by its cover”… And so I want to add: “Don’t judge a sports drink by it price”…? Just because a sports drink is expensive, doesn’t mean that it’s good…???
Our very affordable EnduraPower holds its own amongst the very BEST hydration/sports drinks that you can get internationally!????

A blend of carbohydrates to support stable blood sugar
Electrolyte replacement
Magnesium bis glycinate
oosts and prolongs performance
Great light taste, low sweetness! (flavourless option)
No artificial colours! So no mucous. Beta carotene used as colour in Tangy Tangerine and beetroot in Chilled Berry
Malic acid for increased stamina
Glutamine for rapid recovery
Kalahari Salt instead of sodium chloride
Contains lactate buffers

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