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What is the difference between EnduraShake and EnduraPower?

What is the difference between EnduraPower and EnduraShake?

EnduraPower is our state-of-the sports drink, designed to prevent dehydration and cramping, especially if racing/training in African heat. It has 4 different types of carbohydrate to provide blood sugar stability throughout the event. High in electrolytes, including Kalahari Salt as well as malic acid to support high intensity racing, safe and effective. Safe for kids. No artificial colourants,

EnduraShake is our endurance meal for athletes. One serving will last you about 3.5-4 hours of high heart-rate training/racing before you start to get hungry. EnduraShake also eliminates the “wall” that usually occurs at around 2.5 hours into a session/event. In addition, EnduraShake is a powerful recovery food and nutrition-loader.

Can I use one without the other?

You can…but you won’t perform at your best! … EnduraPower and EnduraShake are designed to work together rather like a lock and key.  Note however that EnduraPower may be swapped out for GT Gel, if you prefer to race with JUST water.


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