GT Gel
A Premium Electrolyte and Energy Gel from Africa for Africa!

FAQ: What is the difference between GT Gel and EnduraPower?


Very simply put, EnduraPower is a high-performance energy and electrolyte sports drink which comes in a POWDER FORM that you add to your water bottles or hydration pack.

GT Gel is is a high-performance energy and electrolyte sports GEL which comes in a soft liquid, low-taste gel. GT Gel is decanted into a small decanting bottle for super-easy portage, enabling you to put JUST water in your water bottles/hydration pack (or you can pick up water en route). One little decanting bottle of GT Gel is enough to compete with a relatively high heart-rate for approx. 3 hours.

GT Gel and EnduraPower are similar in that they both contain electrolytes –  including magnesium bis glycinate and a significant amount of sodium for competing in heat.

Both have malic acid to support energy metabolism and both contain varying types of carbohydrate to provide sustained energy during long, intense sporting events.

GT Gel has caffeine-free green tea; whilst EnduraPower has both caffeine and caffeine-free options. Two flavours of EnduraPower have caffeine (“Neutral Quench” and “Tangy Tangerine”) whilst 2 flavours of EnduraPower are caffeine-free (Lemon-Aid and Chilled Berry). Note also that the caffeine content of EnduraPower is quite low= equivalent to a strong cup of ‘Five Roses Tea”.

GT Gel has BCAAs, whilst EnduraPower has L-Glutamine.

Both GT Gel and EnduraPower have either low or no sweetness.

FAQ: Would I use GT Gel and EnduraPower at the same time during an event?

11 Reasons to enjoy the little decanting GT Gel bottle (as opposed to the old sachet idea)

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