FAQ: I am vegan. Can I use Pea Power instead of EnduraShake for very long endurance events?

A: Pea Power is protein only. There is no added carbohydrate or fat, so it will not give you long-lasting energy and performance that the EnduraShake does. EnduraShake is one-of-a-kind! It is especially designed to sustain you during long, intense events. EnduraShake carries you in that second half!
Because Pea Power is protein only and has no added flavour, it is great to “top-up” the protein content of any meal. For instance, you can add Pea Power to soup, veggie-bakes, porridge and granola, fruit or green smoothies, baked goods – such as muffins and cookies. It is stable in both hot and cold applications.
EnduraShake is vegetarian.

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