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FAQ: Will I pick up weight if I use EnduraShake (and EnduraPower)?

FAQ: Will I pick up weight if I use EnduraShake (and EnduraPower)?

FAQ: A female athlete asks: Will I pick up weight if I use EnduraPower and EnduraShake?

Simply put: Nope!
Weight (fat) gain means that you’re eating more than what you’re expending and doing so continuously for several weeks.
I always remind my athletes that one cannot be dieting during a long, intense training session, or during competition. But you can reduce overall food intake slowly and consistently over months before a major event. It’s not recommend to try drop weight hastily in the last few weeks before, as you will go in to the event feeling weak and drained, plus your immune system will be lowered, and you’ll be more prone to picking up injury. However, you can, in the months before a major event, reduce your intake of foods slightly on Monday to Thursday, but eat “up” to the longer weekend sessions starting on a Friday, this to help your body cope with the longer, more intense training loads – thereby not attempting to do hectic sessions on an “empty tank”.

EnduraPower contains a blend of carbs to provide you with rock-solid stable energy whilst training or racing.
When you do shorter sessions (for example, the sessions during the week, Monday-Friday), you should use the EnduraPower only. If you’re training less than an hour, and the session is medium-to-low heart-rate, then you can simply use water and PaceLyte.

For recovery during the week, and to get leaner for your sport, use Whey Power daily after your session. Each scoop of Whey Power has wonderful amounts of amino acids for recovery, including high L-glutamine (6000mg per scoop) and high BCCA’s (7500mg per scoop), with NO added carb to help you get lean, stay lean and perform! Alternatively, LeanPlex is a wonderful product to stabilise blood sugar during the day at the office and help you to not eat junk!

For SHORT high-intensity, high heart-rate sessions, such as track sessions, hill repeats, watt-bike etc, then always use EnduraPower – even if you’re feeling strong.
In addition, if you’re feeling tired, simply use the EnduraPower , even if the session is short and low heart-rate. And get a good night’s sleep!
For longer training sessions/events, (2.5 – 3 hours long or longer – usually weekends), then the combination of EnduraShake and EnduraPower or GT Gel should be used.
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