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Ain’t that the Truth…!

Ain’t that the Truth…!

Ain’t that the Truth..!

  1. Rubbing creams onto your thighs to get rid of cellulite, is the same as rubbing cake onto your thighs to get cellulite.
  2. You can’t spot reduce. If you could, people who chewed gum would have skinny cheeks.
  3. If you (consistently, over time) eat more than your body needs, you will get fatter. And if you (consistently, over time) eat less than what your body needs, you will lose weight.
  4. Weight loss in not the same as fat loss: If I drink a litre of water, I will weigh 1kg heavier.
  5. Ladies: Dieting without lifting = a saggy bum of lumpy potatoes. Lifting without dieting = chunky – Hence the misguided belief that weights “make me big” – So if it’s not your inherent body shape, (endo, ecto or meso), then it’s the little layer of fat over the muscle that makes you look chunky.
  6. Toned muscles WILL weigh more than “skinny fat”.
  7. Guys…Legs are as important as your chest and biceps.
  8. Ladies… You wont “get big” from lifting unless you’re taking (very uncool) drugs.
  9. Avos and bananas don’t “make you” fat.
  10. Green smoothies are not ugly – Bananas are a great solution to taste.
  11. The body can adapt to change/training load/diet at any age…We are simply impatient (And excuses are easier).
  12. Knowledge is not enough. Intention is not the same as doing.
  13. In as little as 15 minutes of exercise a day, you will have noticeable physiological changes within a few weeks.
  14. One meal (or one whole day) of bad eating will not “make you” fat… just like one meal (or one whole day) of dieting will not “make you” lose fat.
  15. You’re determined to get lean, but still drinking…
  16. The best “detox” is pure water, fresh leafy vegetables, some fruit, proteins, good fats and getting enough sleep. (And did I mention no alcohol?)
  17. Most people who do a transformation challenge, gain weight afterwards: Extremes are not great for long term results.
  18. Going “on a diet” implies that you will “go off a diet”. Getting into good health/shape is a lifelong journey… So…
  19. Enjoy your food! Enjoy your training! (You have choices…other than boiled chicken, broccoli and running).
  20. Getting into shape for an event (wedding, reunion, birthday)… Refer to point 17 above. Rather simply start training and eating right – for the future… but love your body, (no matter what shape you’re in), for that particular day. (No one cares- I promise!). The people who count will love you anyway.
  21. Chasing 2kgs on a scale is an energy vampire… Simply do the work, eat right and the body settle at a weight that is healthy/right for you.
  22. Looking for a product (or trainer) to rescue you from your weight problem is going to end tears. Both trainers and supplements are there to help you – and they will! But it is up to you – your choices: Start conservatively. (Change just one thing at a time). Be consistent with those changes. Be patient. And most of all, be kind to yourself. True fat-loss (not weightloss) is over time.
  23. The three S’s of fitness: Strength, stamina, stretch: If you can bench press 140 kgs, but can’t do 40 burpees without coughing up an organ, you’re not in great shape. Same if you can put your ankles around your head, but struggle to swing a pink kettlebell… or if you can run a marathon, but can’t touch your toes…
  24. The “secret” is…there are no secrets to “make you” lean: Movement and eating right. Consistently….over time.