O delicious EnduraShake, EnduraShake….How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

1. Kids who go straight from school to play sport? One scoop in water straight after school, before sport. Same applies to kids who train early morning and have to go straight to school = One scoop in water. Note also: EnduraPower Berry is perfect for young athletes!

2. Children who struggle to eat breakfast, then a long day at school? One scoop in water, or blended with their favourite fruit smoothie, or added to their oats, or blended with sugar-free peanut butter/nuts/seeds.

3. Underweight? Two or more scoops daily with water (or milk/almond milk)

4. Kids at boarding school who need extra, wholesome nutrition? One or two scoops in water any time daily.

5. Elderly Parent/Grandparent? EnduraShake provides wonderful nutritional support for aging folk. One scoop in water; or added/stirred into their breakfast oats or blended with their favourite fruit smoothie or peanut butter.

6. Sore muscles? Feeling over-trained? One scoop as soon as possible!

7. Feeling run down? One scoop in water or blended with seasonal fruit.

8. High heart-rate session? One scoop in water afterwards.

9. Chronic illness? Digestive issues? One or two scoops daily.

10. Children who struggle with blood sugar, thereby affecting concentration? One scoop in water during break time.

Share the EnduraShake love! Absolutely delicious in WATER!!

MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglyerides from coconut oil) for brain health and slow, sustaining energy

• A complete, bioavailable, pre-digested protein, with extra glutamine for gut health and immune support

• Easy on the gut
• Very low Gi
• Gluten free
• GMO free
• Derived from grassfed cows
• No artificial colours
• Tastes delicious in water!
• Available in Vanilla and Strawberry


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