To help you Stay Lean and Recover from your Training – Simple, Easy-to-follow!

With Whey Power


One medium bowl of unflavoured original oats

Add 1 scoop of Whey Power to the oats


Handful of nuts and seeds

2 fruits


One portion (about size of your palm or fist) of chicken, lean red meat (steak, beef) or fish (salmon or other fatty fish are best)

One portion starchy carbs – Choose starches from the earth – such as sweet potato, potato, butternut, squash, brown rice. (Man-made starch – such as pasta or bread is not the most nutritious choice)

One generous helping of extra virgin (cold pressed) olive, coconut or flaxseed oil or avo

Large portion of steamed or raw – or close to raw – veggies or salad. LOADS of green leafy veggies or drink a green smoothie. Keep your heart healthy!


1 Scoop Whey Power with water

1 – 2 fruits OR a handful of nuts


One small to medium portion grilled chicken, or lean red meat, or fish

Large portion of green leafy veggies with healthy oils – Olive or coconut or flaxseed – All extra virgin.

Small to medium portion of starchy carbs from the earth.

Late at night, if hungry:

1 Scoop Whey Power with water



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