Have the munchies for a packet of your favourite chips 🙄 (again)?👀🤣 But your body (and your jeans) are indicating otherwise…😱😖
Instead, munch on my all-time favourite: Souties! A savoury protein snack! Low kilojoule, very low GI – keeping you feeling full for hours. 😁😇🙃
Unlike most commercial savoury snacks, Souties have no dodgy ingredients – No dodgy fats, no colourants, no additives. 🧐 Just a pure, wholesome food. 👏🌿
Souties contain (vegan) protein, with cassava root and oats, plus MCT Oil for sustained energy, to help you lose fat. 🥳👏 Salted with Kalahari salt. Delicious on their own, or add your favourite topping – such as avo/cheese/tomato and enjoy!

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