Little Decanting Bottle (for GT Gel) 110ml


A little decanting bottle for GT Gel

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A convenient little decanting bottle for GT Gel – Holds 110 ml of GT Gel. (If filled with our GT Gel, this is enough to train/race for 3 hours).


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Purple, Red, Green


  • Easy-to-open-and-close mouth-piece. (And ALSO with your teeth)
  • Wide nozzle for liquid to pour through with ease.
  • Small enough to carry in your HAND, pocket, running pouch or sports bra.
  • Soft, rounded shape to sit comfortably against the body.
  • No seams along the sides where there is contact with the skin.
  • Different coloured lids to plan your regime for the race/route.
  • 25ml and 50ml markings for consumption planning.
  • Very easy to add water, if you’d like to change the consistency of your gel.
  • No aluminum lining found in many traditional gel sachets.
  • Reusable.
  • Prevents any wasting of the gel – at the end, add water, quick shake to get every last drop! Or store the remainder in the refrigerator.
  • Provides peace of mind – the filled little decanting bottle supplies you with an extra 3 hours of energy, if you’re out somewhere and have run out of ‘fuel’
  • Eliminates LITTER!
  • No sticky pockets or fingers.


Q: How do I carry the little decanting bottle?

A: Stash your little gel bottle in your race pocket, running belt or hydration pack.

Very easy portage for lady runners: The little gel bottle sits snuggly and neatly between your sports bra and running top. Comfortable, balanced and easy to reach!

(Also small enough to fit into the palm of your hand)

No spillage. No sticky fingers, pockets or clothes!

Easy-to-stash. No wasting. No litter!



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