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GT Gel 300ml

GT Gel 300ml


GT Gel – A Premium Electrolyte and Energy Gel, from Africa, for Africa!

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A soft, liquid energy gel that is high in electrolytes, designed for athletic performance in African heat!

GT Gel is comprised of a blend of carbohydrates for stable blood sugar throughout your race/session. It also contains significant amounts of magnesium glycinate and sodium to prevent dehydration, cramping and hyponatraemia. Green Tea (GT) is included for immune protection and BCAAs to prevent muscle breakdown during extended events.

GT Gel is a gel designed in Africa for Africa!

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Cucumber Mint, Elderberry

Why GT Gel?

  • Carbohydrates: We use multiple source of carbohydrate to facilitate fast delivery of energy to working muscles.
  • High electrolytes for great athletic performance and preventing dehydration in AFRICAN heat!
  • 294mg sodium per serving
  • 50mg MAGNESIUM Glycinate (taste-free). The BEST form of magnesium that is most-easily absorbed by athletes. Prevents cramping and is very gentle on the gut.
  • BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) to prevent muscle breakdown and/or soreness over distance
  • Green Tea (caffeine-free) for immune protection
  • Soft, liquid texture.
  • Very light flavours, no after taste
  • Stable energy – No spikes in blood sugar
  • Contains NO sodium benzoate! (This has been linked to Cirrhosis of the liver, Parkinson’s and asthma)

How to Use

How to use the GT Gel flask:

Each GT Gel flask contains 300ml of GT Gel: This is enough to race approx. 6-10 hours on water alone, depending on the intensity and nature of the sport.

GT Gel enables you to race/train with JUST water in your water-bottles or hydration pack.

How? Simply decant the GT Gel into the little, re-usable Pace & Power decanting bottles. (Leave the flask containing the rest of GT Gel in the refrigerator). Each little re-usable gel bottle holds 110mls of gel, enough to complete ~3 hours of racing/training with a moderate-to-high heart-rate. (Approximately 30km of running; or 3 hours of road cycling or MTB). Take little sips of GT Gel intermittently over the 3 hours. Continue hydrating with water as usual.

Our re-usable gel bottles are available with different coloured lids so that you can plan and follow a regime during a long event.

No sticky fingers! (or pockets)

No litter!

You can use GT Gel in 2 different ways:

1. GT Gel with JUST WATER:

If you prefer to train/race with just water in your Camelbak or waterbottles, then the GT Gel is for you!

  • Simply sip from the (filled) little decanting bottle, sip intermittently over 3 hours – as you do with your water. If you follow this approach, you’ll ensure an even intake of carbs and electrolytes over the hour (unlike a traditional gel sachet).

  • For extreme events, such as Enduro riding: “Romaniacs” or “Hell’s Gate”, you can take a slightly more frequent dose: 50mls of GT Gel every 30-60 minutes. For enduro riding only, use GT Gel in addition to your sports drink.
  • Always ensure adequate hydration with water to assist absorption (See suggestions below

2. GT Gel with your Sports Drink:

Top up the electrolyte and carbohydrate content your sports drink by sipping GT Gel throughout the event. This is a great option if you prefer to water-down your sports drink because it has become too sweet during the event.

If you run out of your EnduraPower, or you feel like switching to racing/training with only water, then sip GT Gel intermittently over the hour, as described in point no. 1 above.

Suggested Hydration Rate:

Always ensure adequate hydration to assist absorption!

It has been suggested that you hydrate according to bodyweight, your sport and individual requirements. Suggestions have included 8ml-10ml fluid/kg of bodyweight/hr. (This varies widely according to individual requirements/preferences and the nature or intensity of your sport).

For example, if you weigh:

60kgs – Drink approx 480ml-600ml water per hour

75kgs – Drink approx 600ml-750ml water per hour

100kgs – Drink approx 800ml-1 litre per hour

Note: Extreme sports, such as Enduro Motorbike riding, may require higher hydration = 10ml-11ml fluid/kg of bodyweight/hr.

For best athletic performance, use together with EnduraShake, EnduraPower, PaceLyte, Souties and Joobies.


Q: What is the difference between GT Gel and other gels?


  1. Contains MAGNESIUM! Most other gels don’t have magnesium. GT gel has whopping 50mg per serving! And not just any old magnesium! Magnesium glycinate, which is highly bioavailable to the body, and doesn’t cause stomach issues. Plus it’s taste-less.
  2. Much higher electrolytes than other gels. GT Gel is designed in Africa for Africa! For high intensity racing/training in our heat.
  3. Much higher sodium per serving = 294mg.
  4. The new way of packaging means small sips over the hour. This ensures a very even uptake of both carbs and electrolytes from the gut, thus reducing the risk of nausea and vomiting. The high-concentrations from the traditional sachet delays gastric emptying and often result in nausea/vomiting.
  5. No litter!
  6. No sticky pockets
  7. NO sodium benzoate, a strong preservative that has been linked to Cirrhosis of the liver, asthma and Parkinsons.
  8. The lining in most sachets is aluminium, in which the contents of the gel lie for months.
  9. GT Gel is a clean gel: Store in the refrigerator when not in use.

Q: How do I carry the little decanting bottle?

A: Stash your little gel bottle in your race pocket, running belt or hydration pack.

Very easy portage for lady runners: The little gel bottle sits tightly and neatly between your sports bra and running top. Comfortable, balanced and easy to reach!

No spillage. No sticky fingers, pockets or clothes!

Easy-to-stash. No wasting. No litter!


Tips from other GT Users!

Tips from other GT Users!

  • Sip a serving of GT Gel before the start. This is particularly important if the event is long or intense (or both!)

  • Add some water to your little decanting gel bottle if you’d like the consistency of the gel to be even more runny than it is.

  • Towards the end of your event, add water to your gel bottle, to get every last drop of gel – No wasting!

  • After the event, finish off whatever is left over in your gel bottle, as this will contribute to your recovery.

  • Stash your gel bottle in your race pocket, running belt or Camelbak.

  • Very easy portage for lady runners: The little gel bottle sits tightly and neatly between your sports bra and running top. Comfortable, balanced and easy to reach!

    Such a WIN!

    No spillage. No sticky fingers, pockets or clothes!

    Easy-to-stash. No wasting. No litter!

    Remember to store your GT Gel in the refrigerator once the seal is broken.

Why the little decanting bottle?

11 Reasons to enjoy the little decanting GT Gel bottle (as opposed to the old sachet idea)

  1. You have control over how much you’d like to use and when. One hour’s worth of cycling/MTB/swimming running is not exactly the same as the next  hour. So you can pace your consumption based the route.
  2. Small sips intermittently from the gel bottle (as opposed to one full sachet at time for one hour) has several advantages:
    – Ensures a very even uptake of both energy and electrolytes
    – Ensures much more even blood sugar levels
    No (or very little) risk of nausea (that often happens after having a full sachet)
    – Little sips of water, along with little sips of GT gel makes for a lowered risk of dehydration and cramping.
    (Note the sodium levels in GT Gel are significant so as to prevent hyponatraemia/over-hydration)
  3. You can add a little bit of water to the bottle to make it super-runny.
  4. There is no wasting of precious gel caught in the folds of the sachet: With the decanting bottle, you can add water to it, give it a quick shake and drink the remaining contents in the bottle.
  5. Refillable.
  6. Hygienic! YOU get to wash (and handle) your own bottle – as opposed to sachets being handled by countless hands in shops/transport/support teams etc.
  7. The bottle is small – so it can fit snugly into your shorts/tights/top/running belt/sports-bra/crop-top. Easy to whip out, swig and put back.
  8. No seams or sharp edges that can poke into your skin.
  9. No sticky fingers or sticky sachets in your pockets.
  10. No litter!
  11. No aluminum lining inside the gel bottle. Sachets have an aluminum lining that can leach into the gel as it lies in it for months. (Aluminum has been associated with Alzheimer’s)


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