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GT Gel 300ml

GT Gel 300ml


GT Gel – A Premium Electrolyte and Energy Gel, from Africa, for Africa!

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A soft, liquid energy gel that is high in electrolytes, designed for athletic performance in African heat!
GT Gel is comprised of a blend of carbohydrates for stable blood sugar throughout your race/session. It also contains significant amounts of magnesium glycinate and sodium to prevent dehydration, cramping and hyponatraemia. Green Tea (GT) is included for immune protection and BCAAs to prevent muscle breakdown during extended events.
GT Gel is a gel designed in Africa for Africa!

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Citrus, Elderberry


  • Easy-to-open-and-close mouth-piece. (And ALSO with your teeth)
  • Wide nozzle for liquid to pour through with ease.
  • Small enough to carry in your HAND, pocket, running pouch or sports bra.
  • Soft, rounded shape to sit comfortably against the body.
  • No seams along the sides where there is contact with the skin.
  • Different coloured lids to plan your regime for the race/route.
  • 25ml and 50ml markings for consumption planning.
  • Very easy to add water, if you’d like to change the consistency of your gel.
  • No aluminum lining found in many traditional gel sachets.
  • Reusable.
  • Prevents any wasting of the gel – at the end, add water, quick shake to get every last drop! Or store the remainder in the refrigerator.
  • Provides peace of mind – the filled little decanting bottle supplies you with an extra 3 hours of energy, if you’re out somewhere and have run out of ‘fuel’
  • Eliminates LITTER!
  • No sticky pockets or fingers.


Q: How many hours of energy and electrolytes will the decanting bottle provide when filled with GT Gel?

A: If filled all the way up to the lid with GT Gel, the little decanting bottle will provide ~3 hours of relatively high heart-rate racing/training.

Q: How do I carry the little decanting bottle?

A: Stash your little gel bottle in your race pocket, running belt or hydration pack.

Very easy portage for lady runners: The little gel bottle sits snuggly and neatly between your sports bra and running top. Comfortable, balanced and easy to reach!

(Also small enough to fit into the palm of your hand)

No spillage. No sticky fingers, pockets or clothes!

Easy-to-stash. No wasting. No litter!

Gel bottle versus old sachet

11 Reasons to enjoy the little decanting GT Gel bottle (as opposed to the old sachet idea)

  1. You have control over how much you’d like to use and when. One x 10km worth of running is not exactly the same as the next 10km. So you can pace your consumption based the route – You don’t have to use the whole bottle – you can use less if the route is easy.
  2. Small sips intermittently from the gel bottle (as opposed to one full sachet at time for 10kms) has several advantages: – Ensures a very even uptake of both energy and electrolytes – Ensures much more even blood sugar levelsNo (or very little) risk of nausea (that often happens after having a full sachet) – Little sips of water, along with little sips of GT gel makes for a lowered risk of dehydration and cramping. (Note the sodium levels in GT Gel are significant so as to prevent hyponatraemia/over-hydration)
  3. You can add a little bit of water to the bottle to make it super-runny.
  4. There is no wasting of precious gel caught in the folds of the sachet: With the decanting bottle, you can add water to it, give it a quick shake and drink the remaining contents in the bottle.
  5. Refillable.
  6. Hygienic! YOU get to wash (and handle) your own bottle – as opposed to sachets being handled by countless hands in shops/transport/support teams etc.
  7. The bottle is small – so it can fit snugly into your shorts/tights/top/running belt/sports-bra/crop-top. Easy to whip out, swig and put back.
  8. No seams or sharp edges that can poke into your skin.
  9. No sticky fingers or sticky sachets in your pockets.
  10. No litter!
  11. No aluminum lining inside the gel bottle. (Sachets have an aluminum lining that can leach into the gel as it lies in it for months)


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