EnduraShake vs LeanPlex vs Whey Power

FAQ: What is the difference between EnduraShake, LeanPlex and Whey Power? When do I use each one?

ENDURASHAKE: Endurance meal – before and during, nutrition loader before and endurance recovery shake

How to use:

  • Nutrition/carbo-loader: 1-5 days before (depending on the type and intensity of the event). 1 scoop in 200mls water at 10h00, 15h00 and before bed.

  • Breakfast before the start: One serving (2 scoops) in 400mls water, 45-60 minutes before the start of the event/session.

  • Sustaining Meal During: If the event is long, take one serving (2 scoops) every 3.5 to 4 hours during the session.

  • Recovery food: A serving afterwards (2 scoops) for fast recovery. You can also take another 1-2 scoops before you go to sleep if you’re competing again the next day. EnduraShake won’t keep you awake, but it will help repair and replenish tired muscles whilst you sleep!

LEANPLEX: To Cut fat. A balanced meal during the day. Good for recovery after daily training.

How to use:

  • Take one serving (2 scoops) of LeanPlex in 300mls water mid-morning and mid-afternoon.


  • Drink LeanPlex ANYTIME when you can’t get to a healthy, balanced meal: LeanPlex makes a great breakfast if you’re running late; and it makes a satisfying lunch if you haven’t packed something healthy; or light, nutritious dinner, if you’re home late and too tired to cook.

WHEY POWER: Protein ONLY. To recover super fast, but not with huge calories/kilojoules! NO added carb. Nice for lean muscle tone.

How to use:

  • Drink one scoop of Whey Power in 250ml water straight after training. Great after after hill/ sprint sessions or heavy lifting at the gym… After any session where you know that you’re going to be stiff and sore!

  • Whenever you need to increase the protein content of a meal – such as adding a scoop of Whey Power to your breakfast oats/ muesli, (this makes the boring old oats taste delicious!); or drinking a scoop of Whey Power with your lunch salad /or low-protein pasta dish..Any meal where you’d like to increase the protein content.

  • A great idea is to add it to your daily favourite smoothie.

So to summarise, the EnduraShake should be used for your weekend sesssions (long, endurance) and events.

The LeanPlex and Whey Power should be used during the week, when trying to recover fast, but stay lean for your sport.

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