FAQ: What is the difference between EnduraPower and PaceLyte?

A: Very simply put, EnduraPower is a high-performance energy and electrolyte sports drink, whilst PaceLyte is basically an electrolyte formula, with a negligible amount of carb (including D-Ribose).

EnduraPower is optimal for sports where you need to perform and recover quickly. PaceLyte is for sports/sessions that have a relatively low heart rate and low energy demand.

PaceLyte can be used to top up extra electrolyes in your EnduraPower mix – for super-intense/very hot sessions: Simply add a teaspoon of PaceLyte to your EnduraPower mix.

PaceLyte is also ideal to put in your exercise bottle if you’re following a very low carbohydrate, or a keto diet.

A teaspoon of PaceLyte in ice water after being out in the heat is wonderfully refreshing!

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