FAQ: What is the difference between Joobies/Jooblets and GT Gel?

A: There are several differences:

  • Joobies/Jooblets are high Gi, whereas GT Gel is not. GT Gel is a blend of 4 different types of carbohydrate.
  • Joobies/Jooblets provide a fast boost, whereas GT Gel provides slow, stable and sustaining energy.
  • One Joobies/packet of Jooblets will give you 20 minutes of maximum heart-rate intensity; whereas one little decanting bottle filled with GT Gel will give you 3 hours of sustained energy with a high heart-rate.
  • Both Joobies/Jooblets and GT Gel contain sodium, however GT Gel contains much higher amounts of sodium chloride (294mg)than Joobies/Jooblets (74mg).
  • GT Gel contains significant amounts of magnesium bis-glycinate and potassium.
  • Malic acid to support aerobic metabolism and boost energy, is found in GT Gel
  • GT Gel also contains green tea for immune support.
  • Lastly, GT Gel contains BCAA’s to prevent muscle breakdown during long, intense sessions.
  • Joobies/Jooblets are chewies. GT Gel is a soft liquid gel.
  • GT Gel is best stored in the fridge when not in use.
  • Joobies/Jooblets taste even better when they have been exposed to dry air!

FAQ: Can I use ONLY Joobies / Jooblets for a long event?(Such as Comrades/Enduro riding/Argus etc)

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