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JoobLets 300g

JoobLets 300g


MINI electrolyte chewies packed with super-fast carbs to fix tired or cramping muscles!


A little handful of JoobLets (5-6 mini chewies) are brilliant for a fast boost and to stop muscle cramps. They contain electrolytes on a quick-acting carb.
Munching on a small handful of JoobLets will give you a massive boost!
Or, if you prefer, you can take it slow: Nibble on one tiny JoobLet at a time – A wonderful reward and distraction, as you progress through your event/session.
Because they are little, JoobLets are the ideal portion size for kiddie-athletes
JoobLets come 6 little 50g ‘packlets’ (So 6 x50g = 300g total). The ‘packlets’ are small, convenient, easy-to-carry in your pocket or pouch.
Tasty citrus flavour!
PS: If we’re out of stock, order Joobies instead. The work the same!

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