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JoobLets 300g

JoobLets 300g


MINI electrolyte chewies packed with super-fast carbs to fix tired or cramping muscles!


A little handful of JoobLets (5-6 mini chewies) are brilliant for a fast boost and to stop muscle cramps. They contain electrolytes on a quick-acting carb.

Munching on a small handful of JoobLets will give you a massive boost!

Or, if you prefer, you can take it slow: Nibble on one tiny JoobLet at a time – A wonderful reward and distraction, as you progress through your event/session.

Because they are little, JoobLets are the ideal portion size for kiddie-athletes

JoobLets come 6 little 50g ‘packlets’ (So 6 x50g = 300g total). The ‘packlets’ are small, convenient, easy-to-carry in your pocket or pouch.

Tasty citrus flavour!

PS: If we’re out of stock, order Joobies instead. The work the same!

Additional information

Weight 0.305 kg
Dimensions 20 × 3 × 15 cm

Why JoobLets?

  • Fast-acting
  • SUPER energy
  • Electrolytes
  • Stops cramping!
  • Vegetarian – Contains no gelatin
  • Preservative free
  • Delicious!

Before, during, after, half-time, anytime, competition time…swim, cycle, run, walk, climb, jump, gym, hike, lift, box, sprint.


How to use

7 Reasons to use JoobLets:

  1. Sulking! If you’re having an “off” day/moment…(or a sense-of-humour ‘failure’), eat a small handful of Jooblets (~5 or 6). You’ll feel much better in minutes!
  2. Hills – If you know the profile of the route, select your worst hills and munch on a small handful of Jooblets (~5 or 6) about 3 minutes before you hit that hill.
  3. Sprints – A small handful of Jooblets (~5 or 6) before you sprint. (This will last you about 20 minutes of high intensity, high heart-rate work).
  4. Eat a small handful of Jooblets (~5 or 6) if your blood sugar has dropped.
  5. Cramping? Eat a larger handful of Jooblets (~10 to 12 JoobLets) immediately. Continue hydrating correctly.
  6. If you’re making technical mistakes, then eat a small handful of Jooblets (~5 or 6)
  7. Strong, fast finish – Eat a small handful of Jooblets (~5 or 6) about 20-30 minutes before the end.

Other ways to use...

Other ways to use JoobLets:

JoobLets with Water (only): If racing on just water, eat 5-6 JoobLets at the start and then 5-6 JoobLets every 20 minutes, so about one Jooblet every 2-3 minutes throughout the event. For events longer than one hour, be sure to include half to one full serving of EnduraShake for breakfast and follow with repeated EnduraShake servings every 3.5 – 4 hours throughout.

JoobLets along with EnduraPower or GT Gels: Top-up your performance with extra electrolytes and super-fast energy by munching on 5-6 JoobLets every 1 to 1.5 to 2 hours, or as needed.

Post Competition: Start your recovery by eating 5-6 JoobLets straight afterwards, chase with a tall glass of water, or finish what is left in your water bottle, or GT Gel bottle.

Sprint Events: Eat 5-6 JoobLets about 3-4 minutes before the start. This will give you ~20 minutes of intense, high heart-rate training or racing.



  • Hydrate according to bodyweight, sport and individual requirements. Some suggestions include 8-10mls/kg/hr. This may vary widely.

  • For best performance, always use EnduraShake as your competition food, 45 minutes before the start (and every 3.5 hours during); use EnduraPower as your hydration drink; GT Gel as your energy gel; use PaceLyte for electrolytes (only) and Souties as your salty REAL-food snack!


Q: Can I use Joobies for a long event? (Such as Comrades)
A: Yes! But not on their own! Joobies/Jooblets are high Gi, and if used on their own, they will play havoc with your blood sugar.
For this reason, (for long events), Joobies/Jooblets should only be used TOGETHER WITH EnduraShake AND GT Gel or EnduraPower.
EnduraShake and GT Gel/EnduraPower will keep your blood sugar levels ROCK SOLID, which means that you can then use Joobies/Jooblets any time, for a massive boost, without experiencing blood sugar dips.
Note, that if used on their own, one Joobie (or 5-6 Jooblets) will give you ONLY 20 minutes of high heart-rate racing.
That is why you need the solid LOW GI foundation of EnduraShake and GT Gel and/or EnduraPower for long events.
We also recommended that you use Souties for stable blood sugar (and extra kalahari+ Himalayan salt).
If you follow our recommendations, you will have an amazing, SAFE performance…and feel great!


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