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FAQ: My weight is stuck – Why??

FAQ: My weight is stuck – Why??

FAQ: I have been on a weight-loss programme for some time and have a lost a lot of weight. Why is it that I can’t seem to lose anymore? My weight is stuck!

Answer in Summary:

  1. Realistic
  2. Linear
  3. Variety and Enjoy your food/ choice of exercise
  4. Patience
  5. Recommendations and Meal Plans
  1. Realistic: You need make sure that you have not already reached a weight that is both healthy and realistic for your frame. I have had many clients over the years who have (and still are) chasing the perfect weight…We all used to weigh 55kgs – when we were 12 years old! (You also used to wet the bed..!) Ironically when/if you reach that ideal number, you may be happy for a day or two, but that happiness is soon replaced with an additional preoccupation with maintaining this new weight – having to regularly hop on the scale to check. When you drink a litre, you will be a kilogram heavier…
  2. Fat-loss is never linear… The closer you get to your goal weight, the slower your results will be! You will have periods (especially initially) when you lose weight (fat) quite quickly and then you will have plateau periods, the latter sometimes lasting several months! Ouch! The key, when this happens, is to continue regardless of your emotional response. Focus on the process, and on enjoying the process – connecting with people. Don’t make the end result important. The reality is, there is NO end result – being in good health is a constantly evolving state. There is no finish line.
  3. Variety. There are active steps that you can take, to kick-start the fat-loss process again: Your body gets bored! Change things! Mix things up in both your diet and your training programme! With regards to your training, include high intensity (high heart-rate) sessions. These need to be short, and a max of 3 times per week, not more, otherwise you’ll be heading for injury or illness. Add resistance to your schedule. Do different stuff. If you’re not already doing kettlebells, add a few sessions to your weekly programme as fat-loss is (relatively) quick with this fitness tool, BUT make sure that you get yourself a proper IKFF certified coach. (IKFF = International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation).
    In addition, mix up your diet – change your food patterns – Try intermittent fasting! Decrease/INCREASE (healthy) carbs, include different healthy fats. Choose different foods. Put variety back into your diet – Get out of the chicken and broccoli mindset…
  4. Patience! This is a lifelong process. There is not a day in the near future (after several weeks/months), when your teeth will be healthy enough for you to stop brushing daily.
  5. Recommendations and Meal Plans: LeanPlex and Fat-Less are amongst our “oldest” formulas and they remain super-popular for fat-loss!! Whey Power is our new formula for folk on reduced carb intake, but still wish to cover fast from their training.

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