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FAQ: Although I’m training hard, I’m still not losing weight. What can you recommend?

FAQ: Although I’m training hard, I’m still not losing weight. What can you recommend?

LeanPlex and Fat-Less
LeanPlex and Fat-Less – A great combination to get lean!

FAQ: Although I’m training hard, I’m still not losing weight! What can you recommend?
A: One of the keys to losing weight (body fat) is to increase your resting metabolism. This is dictated by your muscle percentage (muscle tone). I use kettlebells to keep my metabolism fast, as it is a combination of resistance training and cardio (and this done in intervals). Note however: You need to know what you’re doing with kettlebells – I always recommend getting an internationally-certified coach so that you don’t hurt yourself. The results from training with kettlebells, in terms of overall fitness and getting lean, are impressive.
Back to your question, one needs a sensible, but challenging exercise programme, whilst keeping food portions conservative and healthy. Workload should be relatively high, but structured with sufficient recovery so as not to develop injuries. It’s important to eat clean 80% of the time. In addition, I personally restrict alcohol to avoid unnecessary fatigue/ acidity that comes from excessive intake: Acidity impacts on weight-loss, as well as recovery from training; and of course, alcohol adds fruitless kilojoules – which counteract hard and consistent effort.
We do have weightloss (fat loss) formulas to help you in this process:
Whey Power
Pace & Power MCT Oil
We also have several meal plans that are SUPER-EASY and convenient to follow:
Meal plan example 1: Whey Power.  (We have some great ideas for your Whey Power smoothies – using chilled water or ice)
Meal plan example 2: Leanplex and Fat-less
Meal plan example 3: Whey Power, LeanPlex and Fat-less: GREAT for recovery too!
Intermittent fasting also works well (but it’s not for everyone)
Here are some other ideas for you to consider:
Testosterone in men plays a role in fat-loss.
Intensity in your cardio training.
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